What is Sitemap and Why you need it?

Sitemaps are the basics of the optimization – people do try various methods to optimize the site and its content. But usually forgets to implement the basic method that is through sitemaps.

What is Sitemap?
Sitemaps are the index for your website – as you open any book and look at the index to sort and find out that what’s inside the book. Index is necessary for any book the same is with sitemaps for any site/blog.

Sitemaps systematically represent the site structure to any search engine bot – therefore search bot gets the exact idea that what to crawl and what to leave. Also, sitemaps makes the task easier for the search bot and they don’t have to search the site randomly.

Why You need
It is because search engine indexes what is crawled by the search bot. When search bot gets the precise information about your site structure – it is obvious that your site will be indexed faster in any search engine.

But the key to the crawl remains intact – you need to be unique in your content. If you have copied content, then also after implementing the sitemaps and doing the search engine optimization your site will not be crawled.

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