When Inner Pages Not Indexed

It is big issue when it comes to inner pages of the website – if you have watched keenly to the website listing – you must have noticed that first page of websites are index – well in Google and other search engines but the inner pages of the websites are not indexed higher to the home page or sometimes they are not indexed.

This is one of the core issue that most SEO specialists deal with in making a better ranking for a website.

Why It Happens
As I said this is one of the common issue that inner pages of websites are not always index – and the core reason that I have found out that those pages are never furnished in the internet for a view.

Submitting just the XML sitemap does not always does the trick and you have to do a bit extra; when it comes to indexing and not only indexing a push-indexing. With submission of sitemap to search engines you are only providing the information that these pages exist.

How to make them Index
Yes, this is one of the keen questions that you should pay attention to – because home page alone does not make up the website – its only the face of the website – but one do needs inner pages in act.

Therefore you need to have backlinks pointing to the inner pages as well – so that they could have some backlinks to follow and search engines notices this and index these pages.

Since, all pages of the website or blog has got equal values so all should be indexed properly as the website serves as team – so if you have to win then your complete team has to perform – and not just depend on one.

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