Optimization and Adsense Earning Fluctuation

You must have seen a sudden jump and sudden decrease of your adsense earning – but have you thought why this happens? Though I have previously written about it and mostly it fluctuates depending on the niche – country and kind of traffic you are having.

There is a tool with Google which works behind the scene to do all this task.

Adsense Earning Fluctuation
As you know the ads which you publish through adsense is submitted through adwords – a platform for advertisers to place their ads.

So, there is a tool called “Optimize For Clicks” in adwords, which works behind the scene for the fluctuations of earning.

What it Does?
Optimize For Clicks – as the name suggests optimizes the clicks for adwords to give maximum benefit for both the advertiser and the publisher.

It serves the clicks accordingly and rates it accordingly. For example, if you are having some keyword related in the content and if somebody having the complete resource related to the keyword that advertiser has placed.

So, obviously the big resource would steal a higher click income – as compare to the content – just having the keyword.

This is the reason few people say that work with the niche websites – so, if you are having niche content and you place adsense on it – you are bound to make good income.

Adsense Easy Improvement Tips

All the bloggers at one time or the other must have placed adsense on their blogs – and many other webmasters too. But the keen question in everyone’s mind is – what is the correct placement – that would really improve the adsense earning.

Much has been already said about it and I am not saying that they were the worst and the knowledge you will be reading now is better – but just some common sense that needs to apply.

Common Sense
See, with these pay per click ads – you need to apply sense not try to be technical with it – after all it’s just a matter of click.

Don’t stuff excessive adsense ads on your pages – just for the sake that user might clicks – false it will never happen.

Don’t try to mix and match with your adsense ads – as Google might ban you.

If you are having content always display on the adsense on content – and try to place it on the left side – it is as per human standard eye catches first.

Do opt for text ads in adsense rather than displaying banner ads.

If you have the sidebar – try to embed the long adsense advertisement to it – this will work well.

First of all before trying anything – which you are not sure about – get a read to Google terms and conditions. As because every adsense improvement knowledge passed on – need to be crosschecked.

Low Adsense Earning – Reason

Every one of us must have at any stage compared with the same niche person that how much is the adsense earning for his niche as just want to compare that as person is having the same niche as ours.

But the other person with same niche is getting more earning – and the one with same niche and considerably more hits is earning less – and more both have same adsense placement.

What is the Difference
When niche and traffic is same for the two website – why does one gets more earning and other one is low – the basic difference between the two is that – and this is what adsense uses to distinguish your earning.

Your geographical location – not the one that where are you from – but the geographic location at which your adsense ads are viewed.

If your website with adsense on it – viewed in US you might more earning – as compare to India or any other country.

This is the basic difference, which differentiate your earning – as the site earning more may be getting more traffic from US or related high earning geographic location – but the other site with the same niche may not be getting much traffic from US.

I am keeping this topic short – as because this could be stretched – I will try to include related posts to this topic.

But just to point that I am not saying that most earning is from US traffic only, this was just the basic comparison and there are more points that are considered in when earning is calculated.

Adsense Placement Suggestion for Newcomers

When you have just started your blogging career I know its hard to have content written – and after a few days it feels like content skint. A lot more to do at this level is the kind of advertisement to be placed in blogs – as in initial level I doubt any CPA ads will work so the easiest to go with is adsense.

Also, there is considerable good ratio of new blogs using adsense – so as you begin with adsense – their might be chances that you have not placed you ads correctly – or for whatever reason your ads are not getting picked up by people.

This can be very frustrating with new people. The easiest of solution that you can apply to your adsense blogs at the initial stage is.

Solution for Adsense
You could use adsense-optimized templates on your blogs – since you have just started and there is a lot of confusion about placement. So, use these adsense optimized wordpress templates – as this comes with optimized adsense placement – so that you don’t need to worry so much on the placement and just concentrate on writing.

Moreover, if you are thinking about money involved in getting these adsense-optimized wordpress templates, then need not to worry as most of these templates are free of cost and you can download it from anywhere.

Just Google and you will get tons of results to choose from.

This might turn your blog and blogging’s fate – since it is the easiest – tested and tried method.

Clicks and No Money – Why It Happens

I see a lot and lot of threads bursting out of Webmaster forums these days that they are witnessing clicks on their ads and clicks are counted as well in their adsense account but they are not paid for it.

I know its pretty frustrating and depressing situation – because all of the seriously webmasters work hard to get the traffic and when it comes to their adsense page they are not paid of it.

Now lets understand why it Happens
As you might know ads are geographically targeted and so if someone says that they are not meant for any specific country click – it is false.

The only reason of not counting it as paid click is just because that click generated from Spam – or any other means but not human – so as per the systems in place at Google end – to securely deliver the clicks – they do all this things of adjusting all false clicks.

We should be Happy
Just because of this system adsense is not banning the accounts – and altering all the spam generated clicks.

This is a beneficial system for both – the adsense and adwords.

As, I have adwords account and I have seen that after the clicks have been delivered and amount being charged then after the monthly accounting – they give the amount back as click adjustments.

Therefore, people thinking that adsense is not paying – is not right – but they are delivering true clicks – Fair money all across the system.