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It’s a very tiring job to search for the most accredited affiliate program to which you can promote via various sources to earn money. If you look at any of the affiliate networks – CJ etc – You could easily spend a day or two to finally shortlist the kinds of offers you would like to promote.

Also, you are not sure about the offer you are promoting – kind of company you are promoting. With less authority networks it can be hell to have your affiliate payout – even if you have made sales.

Now, You can easily make $30 per sale. Without thinking of any trouble in your affiliate program. As the $30 payout is from Infogle. The website which has been online for more than 7-years now.

About Promoting and Program
We have a new section made – – i.e. Work at home Edition. This section provides the exclusive access to the work at home resources.

You are not restricted of any thing – With Work at Home Infogle you are bound to make money irrespective to your living location.

You are paid monthly as per your sales – we don’t have any minimum amount to get paid. You do the sale – you get paid – it’s as simple as that.

We always like to give more. Therefore, for the affiliate who makes more sales is given incentive – if you do more than 10sales per month you will be given $50 bonus.

Kind of Promotion
You are free to use any kind of promotion you like – we do not have any restrictions on anything.

You are bound to make money with this offer – Our team is online 24×7 so you can easily contact them for any of your queries – we also assist your users and make the sale happen.

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Watch Your CPA Affiliate Links

Watch carefully; yes this is the correct phrase to start this blog post – as this is just based on my watching things carefully. Everywhere on Internet you would find tips on how to watch things on Internet and other blogs. But less has been written in regard of watching your own blog or website.

When you have placed any CPA advertisement on your website/blog – how many of you have checked it that the affiliate link is working right? Or how many of you have checked that after some days affiliate links is working right or not.

Very less and may be some of you have not ever tried to check it. Since you have copied the exact code given by the CPA networks – but its not about the code always.

I Watched and Corrected
Was just looking at the homepage of my blog and tried to test all the CPA affiliate links – that are they working right and bingo – found that one offer which I was promoting was down from the CPA network.

Don’t misread me on this – I am pointing to CPA affiliate links and not my Google adsense – I am still with brains 🙂

Now, some of the networks do send emails that particular advertiser that you are promoting is now offline, but some networks fail and when they fail – we are the one who suffers.

If you have placed your CPA advertisement for more than a month now and not been tracking its results then go the easy way – click on it and see that does it points to the correct landing page or not.

Right Time to Quit

People don’t ask this question to themselves – if they had then probably they would have been making lot more.

Analyzing the facts that what went wrong and how to correct is the other aspect of this question – but this is the first part of the question that you should ask yourself – if you are doing any kind of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is All About Questions
This is right – how many questions you could solve in an affiliate program – you could make that much of money – this is the basic fact that rules the moneymaking in any affiliate program.

But the core question is – when to quit.
Marketing any affiliate program – or just embedding ads of any advertisement network such as CPC – link advertisements – or any method of making money through affiliate program.

Just watch for the full month – and if you see any progress – then proceed further but if you are still on the same track after a month – then this is the right time for you to quit.

Calculate Right Time
If you calculate the right time on the earning then probably you are wrong – calculations are never done on the amount of earning – but purely on percentage. See, a more popular website using the same affiliate program that you have chosen – makes more money and you after a month still cant reach half of it – this is bad calculation.

Simple calculation is to calculate on percentage basis of you’re own website earning through a particular affiliate program – and this has to be done as explained earlier on monthly basis.

Every affiliate program gathers monthly stats – so just open it and compare it with previous months earning – and if you see a upside graph at a minimum of 15-20% then surely you should go further with this program and anything below that is still digestible – since you don’t have any other program to promote.

To correct the ways of promotion and analyze what went wrong for a particular affiliate program – so you could make better earning next month is also the right approach. But still make a right quitting time – according to your best senses – so that you do not waste time experimenting.

Affiliate Program Started on Infogle Hosting

I am very excited to announce the launch of affiliate program in the Infogle hosting – recently we have implemented new billing script in the section and with that update – we have introduced affiliate program.

Very easy marketing and good money involved. We are giving out a flat 10% commission on all our plans to our affiliates, and not only the basic commission there is lot of bonus commission involved for the higher performing affiliates. I don’t want to highlight the bonus facts now in this post – the bonus structure details are on request basis.

No cost to signup and guaranteed commission to your account. We don’t have any strict policy on marketing and we didn’t have any reversed-sales ever since we started. Therefore, you can be rest assured that your efforts will not be lost.

There are not catch for this program – in your affiliate account you will find a simple affiliate link – which you can place and use the way you like.

Hope this post brings some good news to you in terms of earning. As I want to re-assure you that Infogle is a partner that you can depend upon.

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Bad Keywords What and How Bad

I was searching for something the other day and when I was searching for a product in google and when entering the keywords for finding the details of that particular product – as you also know on the right side we usually get the advertisement related to the keywords for which search is performed.

But the vague issue was that some of the product advertisements were proper with the keyword but some of the advertisements were not at all matching with the keywords and when I clicked it produced some unrealistic products, which were not at all matching with the keyword.

These were the advertisements which were placed just to get some hits and this is just termed as bad placement or also can term as negative keywords – usually these keywords are entered by starter or misrepresented PPC placement groups – people who have less or no knowledge do these type of mistakes.

These negative keywords are usually a big loss to the businesses and products and also gives a wrong impression to the user who is visiting the website for the first time.

I duly urge that do not use such fake keywords to bring traffic to your website – in some sense this is also due to the frustrated marketers or the placement agencies who try to claim they are pro in the PPC placement business but at last landing to this negative keyword territory.

If you are trying for google PPC advertisements then before going to any placement agencies log in to the placement account and try the keyword feature – you will be presented with some good keyword ideas.

Then, after have a pre-study of the system then go to any placement agencies and tell them to process the placement for your business.