Don’t Look Like Stupid

I have seen so many people around me that they act like stupid but they are bound to act like stupid. There are so many reasons, which evoke me to say so – and please all who know me personally – don’t take this personally. I might not be talking just about you.

People tend to ask questions. They feel like asking – anything and when I mean anything – I do mean anything.

Strangest Questions
I do rate these as commonsense dead people. As, they don’t apply commonsense in exploring the answers for any simple question.

In my experience for getting answers to the questions is just to apply commonsense to what you are searching for.

I have had people asking me definitions, codes, apps, and various other things. I don’t know why? Do they think that I know something better? Obviously this is what my commonsense marks me.

Applying Commonsense
I have also had times when I am stuck in the situations and can’t able to make out what is correct and what’s not. But first of all I try to Google the questions, as googling can solve your 99.9% queries.

But people still don’t care to Google the question that is hurting to them. I have seen an extended version of thing – when these kind of people post in the forums in the verge of getting an answer to their query. This makes them look like stupid.

Therefore, apply commonsense and try to Google the questions first and when there is no help around – then ask!