Submitting Articles to Article Directory for SEO

This was the easy formula for SEO – people were writing articles and linking back to their site and bingo SEO done. Time changed and it was then article spinning which was used to submit the same article to different directories.

But with the recent Google algorithm 2011 change – it has all gone now. Now, you can’t just submit one article or spin articles to the article directories and rank on search engines for the keyword.

Google Policy on Article Directories
Previously article directories were considered a good source for content and people could find useful and resourceful information on them; but with growing article directories in a verge to get the easy SEO done. It gave rise to spam.

Now, most of the article directories are not as resourceful, rich and useful content, but they look like link farms.

Mostly they have duplicated content and the content, which is written on them are just for the sake of getting backlink.

Google don’t like this – so Google degraded the article directories – because they were doing no-good to the content community.

Search engines are mostly depended on the quality content and with article directories they were indexing all the duplicated and not-useable content.

Therefore, as directories are degraded – so if you are thinking of submitting article in a verge of getting quality ranking on search engines, then you need to think differently. As, this will not work in the current scenario.

Google Algorithm Change 2011 and SEO

Google is changing and have changed its algorithm too and because of this many of the authenticated websites were badly affected.

I do treat this that they are doing for the well being of the Internet – as they have treated the link directories few years back and they were affected – but still directory business is in existence and the directories, which were actually link farms were badly affected.

It is the same condition now with the article directories – ezinearticles and other article and blog sites, which are badly affected due to change in google algorithm, were actually doing the same thing.

Bad of Article Directories
The reason these were shredded in this algorithm change is because the content submitted to their directories were not good enough. Also, the content was mostly duplicated – so in no way it was doing the authority work.

Moreover, these kinds of article directories and blog sites were actually being treated as link farms – just as it was with link directory.

Now the time is to change, you cannot think of doing SEO depending on article directories. It was considered good at times when link directories died.

So, next time when you opt for SEO of your site – give a small chunk to the article directory submissions and give majority to the other tasks such as blog comments, social bookmarking etc.