Is SEO Just About Backlinks

People who think SEO is just about backlinks are absolutely wrong – SEO is not just about backlinks and SEO is not a particular method or application that you could apply and gain your search engine ranking.

SEO is a practice – a series of methods that needs to be applied for any website before it rises in the search engine ranking.

Logic to Understand
The beginners – who jump in to the Webmaster field by reading a few texts on Internet about SEO, normally do the mistakes. See; if you can build 1000-backlinks then just think about a company who has around 20-staff members in their team and money to spend – they could build at least 10x more backlinks then you.

So, search engine should raise their ranking as they have better backlinks than you. But seriously this is not the case. Backlinks are just a part of the series of methods that you need to apply in SEO.

Therefore, building backlinks for SEO is history now. Google has evolved much.

What is Needed Foremost
Like always; you need to have some unique content and meaningful content present on your website – then let Google crawl that content and the content should be so meaningful that people cant ignore it.

Since, it is always said that work for humans and not search engines. Search engines will list those contents only which are liked by humans and is of good knowledge.

Stop building backlinks – it might degrade your search engine listing – work on your content first – your website and then build the backlinks.

Number of Backlinks You Should Make Daily

People often ask this question to SEO providers that how many backlinks they should target. It means how many backlinks should they make per day so that Google don’t mark it as a spam.

Believe me seriously, Google and no other search engine can ever pose any restriction on getting number of backlinks.

What is it Then
The base of the question stands on the spam ground – people often try to spam and take their short way to act smart but actually they are acting foolish.

Google has no restriction on getting the number of backlinks – the more number of backlinks you get – it will help Google bots to classify the website as good and list above the search results.

But this is also try – that if you try to spam Google search by taking unethical way – it will immediately de-list your website – credits to Google panda and Google caffeine.

What Not to do
You should avoid these – when building backlinks.

  1. Don’t do your directory submission in a hurry – like if you are doing 1000 submissions then spread it to 30days – may be 45 will be good.
  2. Don’t attempt too much article submissions.
  3. Social bookmarking on number of sites with the same login.
  4. Don’t submit to all search engines at once.

Ethical ways can never de-list you, but often people demand express SEO and then this affects their website. Blog comments are the ethical way to get backlinks and you can build even 1000 per day – but in that also submit fresh comments for quicker approval.

Core question is to have your content contribute to the knowledge community and then build backlinks, which will not hurt.

Do You Over-think Your SEO Situation

I know people sometime behave abnormally when it comes to their site and even more when they have outsourced any SEO work. There are many reasons for it but most probably they are just over-thinking about their website’s position and SEO.

Over-thinking SEO
If you are registered in any Webmaster forum you must have witnessed the threads which often say that their site is de-indexed or website position in the search index is low. These are all the over-thinking situations in terms of SEO.

Websites are shuffled on the basis of keywords, if you are having any particular keyword and other website is also having the same keyword, so search system will automatically shuffle the search results giving the websites an equal chance. So, this is not the situation it’s usual.

Next, someday link counts are less and someday its more, this is because some websites were not responding at the moment when search bot reached them; therefore, whenever you fall in situation like this – do count the average links.

Search results are often shuffled because the competing website has done better backlinks for the keyword. You don’t have to feel exhausted for the efforts you have done on your website, Just keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process.

Real or Unreal Blog Commenting Offers

The best backlinks to get these days are through blogs – and the big spam that is happening off backlinks is also on blog commenting. People are flashing the unreal offers and without thinking of the offer others are indulging themselves.

Blog commenting is such a good thing and if done correctly you could easily enhance your backlink ratio and rise in the search engine listing. At the same time you need to be careful with all the offers that are floating around the Webmaster area.

Unreal Blog Commenting Offers
First thing you need to understand that you cannot control the blog comments approval, the blog administrator can only approve it. Also, one can’t guarantee the approval time – an approx time of approval can be mentioned but not the exact time.

The unreal offers often say you the following and whenever you are opting for any blog commenting offer do take care of the following:

  1. Unrealistic numbers of blog comments in the short time.
  2. Unrealistic numbers of approval.
  3. Approval in short span of time.
  4. Unrealistic low pricing for per blog comments.

Things to Watch Out
When you opt for any blog commenting plan – do watch out that your niche is covered on a wide scale and not just concentrated on a particular thing.

Asking for testimonials is always good, so that you can easily crosscheck companies’ performance.

Before Buying Links from Link Traders

When you think about buying links from link traders – there are many links traders on the Internet and few of them offer very attractive pricing and other pioneer link traders offer a premium pricing.

Therefore often people get confused that which link trader to go with – I would not be able to comment on the quality of any particular link trader but would like to point out a few valid points that you need to take care of – when deciding to buy links.

Trading Links
When you opt for any link-trading partner – it usually provides you with a list of number of sites with their PR information. Then when you pay them – they affix your website URL with their website partner.

But as it looks it is not that simple and people are usually tricked and often misrepresent of the fact that makes things dusky.

How to Trade
I would suggest buying links on monthly basis – rather than going for yearly. Might be possible that yearly payment looks cheap – but it would rather not be.

Often new link trading partners – place your links on monthly basis on other websites – and they don’t renew after that. Leading to a mishap on your backlinks – you cant even file for a refund – since the time is over.

You are left with nothing in hand –money gone – links vanished and your ranking drops – A complete grief situation.

Therefore, before opting for any link trading partner – you need to be sure and Google their name to find out is everything all right with them.