Writing blog is Not Just Writing

Sharing knowledge with the world and making a living is where modern population is heading. As of, most of the webmasters have understood the power of content and making money through content.

Therefore, more and more people are blogging these days and as of blogging is not a limited niche – it’s as wide as the world.

Blogging and Blogosphere
Previously it was re-writing that most bloggers opted for and before that only copying content from one website to other. These methods may have been working in past but it will only lead you to hell these days.

Therefore, good content is thus necessary and as the Google search polices have been changing – so now just writing the good content will not lead you to heights of blogging.

Not Just Writing
If you want to be a successful blogger you need to do marketing with a good marketing plan. Writing good content will not list you at the top of search engines.

Right Marketing Strategy
Keep a target – when you have finished any amount of posts then start your marketing and for marketing you can do:

  • Bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory Submission

These four methods can be easily implemented and mostly at your pace.


This kind of marketing is not pure marketing – you are actually doing seo for your blog – which can easily bring profits for you in long term.

Wisely Use Your Blog Sidebar

How to place your stuff on the website so that people should view it properly – this is the main question in everybody’s mind. Most people will say or think that placing the stuff on the main page / home page is more meaningful if compared to rest of the pages.

There has to be different rule for blogs – if you see how to place your stuff on blogs – they are way different than the normal website placement.

Stuff Placement on Blogs
The reason it is because – the blog posts are crawled and ranked individually on search engines. Any particular blog post might have high rank for the keyword but your blog’s homepage is not visible even in top 100 for the same keywords.

That is why you have to use the blog sidebar wisely.

Why you should care about sidebar and place your all featured stuff – because sidebar is visible throughout the blog – even if your any blog post is visited directly – then also the user could see the stuff your site has.

Points to Takecare When Placing
The most needed stuff that you have to place on the blog sidebar is –

  • Recent posts widget, which outlines the kind of posts, which are currently written.
  • Featured post – or most read posts widget.
  • If possible you can include the recent comments and most comments.
  • Include the advertisements.
  • Blog archives widget.
  • Any social network widget such as facebook or mybloglog.
  • Also, you could place links to your different sections on the blog.

Proper visibility of your included stuff is thus necessary to bind the user to your blog – all these above mentioned points increases the interest of the user and leads to the feed subscription.

What’s So Special About Blog Design?

The question in concern is – why it is said to use a unique blog design – when it comes to professional blogging – as the content makes the blog not the design and also design is not at all important for the SEO.

If you had this question in your mind then probably here you will find the answer to it.

Blog Design
Why all the pro-bloggers use the unique design and not just any premium available wordpress themes – as these premium themes, which are available, are also nicely made templates.

So, the one line answer is – To be Unique.

As, it is said for content – to write unique – same way when it comes to blog design it has to be unique – not used anywhere else – it does provide the extra edge to blogs – also helps when you tend to make a brand with your blog.

Everyone has a different way to approach for marketing – so with unique design in place – they can implement their own way of marketing – which is likely not possible with the readymade templates.

Not the End
Even if you don’t want to spend a good chunk of money on the unique blog design – then you can always alter the readymade themes – to give it somewhat unique shape.

Don’t worry about – not knowing codes to edit the theme – hire someone to do it – the cost to edit the template is not much – but all depends on the kind of customization you are attempting to the readymade theme.

Brand comes after the value of the product – this is what I can say in terms of blogging – if you do have unique design and not able to add valuable content to it – then it is of no use – since content is the life of blog.

Want to Get Your Blog Recognize Soon

What is the ultimate question in bloggers mind – the simple answer would be that how quickly his/her blog get recognize by the users. Now, there are many technique and tricks, which one could follow to help popularize their blogs. Also I too have listed many in my blog in “Seo Talk” and “Marketing” section.

There’s More
Now beside to which I have already written I don’t want to actually make an addon to that posts. I have come up with a new post to help your blog get recognize soon.

Simple and easy trick to follow is that as you do reviews in your blog or write about anything on your blog just make a link to the website or blog you are talking about. This will give them the backlink for sure and hence also helps you getting your blog recognize.

How it works
When someone views the traffic stats of his/her website or blog and as you have reviewed something and provided a link to them from your post, the person or website will soon recognize your blog that where the traffic is coming from. And if you have reviewed any advertiser than it increases the chance of getting paid advertisement from that particular advertiser.

This is the simplest of tricks that you can follow to quickly get your blog recognize and if this trick clicks right for you then you can also make some money with this.