Writing blog is Not Just Writing

Sharing knowledge with the world and making a living is where modern population is heading. As of, most of the webmasters have understood the power of content and making money through content.

Therefore, more and more people are blogging these days and as of blogging is not a limited niche – it’s as wide as the world.

Blogging and Blogosphere
Previously it was re-writing that most bloggers opted for and before that only copying content from one website to other. These methods may have been working in past but it will only lead you to hell these days.

Therefore, good content is thus necessary and as the Google search polices have been changing – so now just writing the good content will not lead you to heights of blogging.

Not Just Writing
If you want to be a successful blogger you need to do marketing with a good marketing plan. Writing good content will not list you at the top of search engines.

Right Marketing Strategy
Keep a target – when you have finished any amount of posts then start your marketing and for marketing you can do:

  • Bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory Submission

These four methods can be easily implemented and mostly at your pace.


This kind of marketing is not pure marketing – you are actually doing seo for your blog – which can easily bring profits for you in long term.

Before Optimizing See Your Writing

People often try to suggest that how to optimize your blog with n-number of plugins – but with various plugins involved in your wordpress site there might be a possibility that your wordpress loads slow.

Slow loading of wordpress/blog might irritate the visiting user and could also prove negative for your blogging.

In my view that I have marked with my blog and blogging is that you should before taking care of anything else should worry or care on the content and with less or no SEO plugin your blog would still prove to be optimized.

In the blog content you should take care of the keywords involved in your niche and should also try to find the competitive keywords related to your niche and try to include the same in your blog content.

As this method could prove more optimized than any other plugin – you can say it like this also: Plugin enhances but content aggregates.