Be Selective in Following Tips

There are tons of blogging tips on Internet and every tip seems to be enhancing the blogging style. Since, there are so many of the bloggers writing these tips – so millions of content written on daily basis. You can also say that this is one of them – but not the same.

Just note one thing in common that if there is tons of good things around you – that doesn’t mean that you have to follow each and every one – you need to be selective in it.

Select the Good Things
People do this mistake often – and get themselves confused at the point and start following each tips that comes to them. This is the biggest of the blogosphere issue, and at last they don’t know what is good for them in particular.

At last they are doing nothing but just following tips and are not able to score in the blogging career.

You need to choose from the blogosphere that what you need to follow and what to not – and always be selective – lets say for example – a particular tip might be useful for one particular niche but not all. Therefore, you need to choose the tips, which is most reliable for your blog.

You need to first follow the basics of blogging and when you have followed them for quite a some – then only go for advance tips.

Blogging Tip – Make it Short

Recently Google implemented caffeine and they updated in their Webmaster blog that why they implemented caffeine structure – the reason was the World Wide Web is blossoming with content.

This is a true statement made by Google that content is blossoming and this is the reason you should opt for short.

What Short?
This is quite clear that people will find many articles related to any particular keyword – and to make your content read from this content herd is the difficult of the task.

First of all you want to be pretty unique so that your content could be crawled by search engines then only people will visit you and most important and key to this is you need to be short with your writing.

I have seen people writing more than 500-words, purely waste of time – since it is not needed in most of the cases. I am not saying that you should always keep it short – but do make it 500 where it is needed. Mostly lengthy articles lose their juice and it’s pretty much bland.

You need to
Make user comfortable while reading your content – have interactive writing style – which could compel user. Also writing your content in short paragraphs is necessary. Never exceed 250 words normally. As in my experience anything over 250 words is big no-no.

Therefore, make it short – meaning – interactive and readable.

Way of Creating Valuable Content

Creating content is the foremost thing that people usually ignores and don’t pay much attention too. I have seen bloggers with only 10-20 blog posts on their blog and looking for ranking.

These kinds of bloggers usually pay attention to the SEO plugins and various other plugins – I have written various blog posts on this issue that how much content is important than the plugins. Even with no plugin installed your blog could rank higher – if you have good and valuable content.

Content Creation
Creating content has never been easy and hours of desperate hunt could be involved in getting just a line correct. Therefore, there need to be ways of getting content – which is rather more important. Various ways involved in getting you the topics for writing the exceptional and interactive content.

One such way is getting topics from blog comments – do pay attention to the blog comments – not only yours but you can also read the comments of other blogs – which are related to your niche.

You will get different views of people and one of the view/comment can be your topic. This is an interactive way of making a blog post and this does provide the extra edge to your blogging.

Involve in ways of getting topics for your blog post – if you can manage this on the consistent basis then writing the content would become easy.

Why People Will Read My Blog

This was the question that was tossed to me – this is true question and I do think that most of the users do have this question in mind before starting their blog.

Therefore I thought why not highlight some points that really rule the blogs and make it readable.

Making it Readable
I will directly jump to the questions:

1. Why people will read my blog?
Ans: Because of unique content – and good explanation of stuff.

2. How people will locate my blog?
Ans: You need to have excellent content and then leave it to search engines – to place in top of their search results – you can also have some plugins namely, XML sitemaps for basic SEO.

3. You need to be consistent with your writing and maintain the niche quite good – what usually happens is people drift from their blog niche and keep on adding content that is irrelevant to their blog – this confuses the search bot also.

4. Don’t elaborate the content or topic much so that it becomes boring – keep your content interesting and interactive.

The above-mentioned things really do make blog readable and search engine friendly too – because you need to understand one thing – search engines are always hungry for the content and if you serve them the finest of content – then they will surely crawl you up.

Maintaining the defined blog structure is always effective and it helps search engines to put your blog according to niche and crawl it on consistent basis.

People always search for good blog content – if you can serve them good content – you are most likely to get read.

How to Highlight Your Advertisers

You should really think about it – as the people think about your blog – advertisers take a keen interest in your writing style and content and that’s why they opt for placing advertisements on your site. The other view, if you place affiliate links of advertisers in your blog – which most of us do – you should really do some favor.

Favor How?
Favoring in blogging sense is actually highlight your advertiser – and for highlighting you can write reviews about them and their products – this is also necessary if you want to have your earning raised.

As I have explained in my previous post – people are often searching for product reviews – so this is the best practice you can do.

On the other hand this will not be limited to favoring – but this practice will surely add up to your credibility as well.

Simple Theory
If you want to have something – then you should first give something. The product reviews – if written correctly can also provide you loads of organic traffic.

With this done – advertiser might stay for a longer period with you – and if its an affiliate product you are writing review for and you get a higher rank – organic traffic with good sale numbers – you might reap the bonus.