Wisely Use Your Blog Sidebar

How to place your stuff on the website so that people should view it properly – this is the main question in everybody’s mind. Most people will say or think that placing the stuff on the main page / home page is more meaningful if compared to rest of the pages.

There has to be different rule for blogs – if you see how to place your stuff on blogs – they are way different than the normal website placement.

Stuff Placement on Blogs
The reason it is because – the blog posts are crawled and ranked individually on search engines. Any particular blog post might have high rank for the keyword but your blog’s homepage is not visible even in top 100 for the same keywords.

That is why you have to use the blog sidebar wisely.

Why you should care about sidebar and place your all featured stuff – because sidebar is visible throughout the blog – even if your any blog post is visited directly – then also the user could see the stuff your site has.

Points to Takecare When Placing
The most needed stuff that you have to place on the blog sidebar is –

  • Recent posts widget, which outlines the kind of posts, which are currently written.
  • Featured post – or most read posts widget.
  • If possible you can include the recent comments and most comments.
  • Include the advertisements.
  • Blog archives widget.
  • Any social network widget such as facebook or mybloglog.
  • Also, you could place links to your different sections on the blog.

Proper visibility of your included stuff is thus necessary to bind the user to your blog – all these above mentioned points increases the interest of the user and leads to the feed subscription.

Topics to be Blog About

When you choose the blogging career – you need some points to be kept in mind – first and foremost point is that you need to have some focus in your mind that about what you are blogging.

Most people choose the tech blogging; make money blogging, Webmaster blogging, fashion blogging etc. but they are not directly related to all these blogging topics. After few days blog is dead – because it’s hard to get the information on these topics, as you are not directly related to the topics.

What to be Blogged About
When you are on dry land – and finding no topics for your continuous blogging career – it is always advisable to write on the current or town or country related topics.

I have seen many bloggers around who are writing on the pity topics related to the country or current affairs and their blog is doing extremely well.

Despite the information written on their blog is most common and can be found everywhere. But the reason they are successful because they are getting the continuous posts on their blog.

The reason for blogging success is simple and in one line it could be explained – this even implies to me – as I have not been very regular to write on this blog. You need to have consistent writing on your blog – irrespective of the topic – whether you are writing on very common topic or whatever. You need to write consistently on your blog.

Blogging to the Success

Blogging has evolved not only for the information-sharing tool, but blogging is widely known for its moneymaking. More and more people are moving towards blogging – keeping this moneymaking perspective in mind.

There are ways to be kept intact to get your blogging to the success. You need to follow some regime in order to make the venture successful.

Successful Blogging
Just follow some strict guidelines in your blogging career in order to make it a successful venture. Follow the following:

  1. You don’t need to be the master of your niche, but you need to have passion for your niche.
  2. Keeping writing deadlines is not so important but writing meaningful is more important.
  3. Look for the right permalinks structure in your blog – rather than going for the plugin help.
  4. Give importance to the backlinks count rather than hunting for the Page rank.
  5. Every kind of advertisement can be worked successfully but the care should be given to its placement.

Though the successful blogging tips can be extended more and it could be never ending topic, but you need to start from somewhere and the points mentioned above can really help you in getting the successful blogging achieved.

Efficiently Sum-up Your Writing

To write dedicatedly and in a flow is not always easy – there are lots of distractions around, which might lead to distract your mind and can easily spoil your writing mind.

Getting a thought for writing on any topic is lot easier then to finally punch the keys of the keyboard. Thought is a virtual thing – but to get it on words is always a disciplined act. Therefore, you first need to keep yourself free from the distractions around you – when you make up your writing mind.

Keeping Yourself Isolated
It is very true that whenever one prepares for writing – at the moment comes in the various distractions, therefore; stay away from the following when you write:

  1. Keep yourself in one thought and that’s about the topic you are writing.
  2. Sign-out from the messengers or be in invisible mode. So, that you are not disturbed by anyone. Marking your status busy never helps.
  3. Close all the social network sites for the moment.
  4. Don’t check your mails for the moment.
  5. Keep your mobile in silent mode.
  6. Also, don’t check the keywords you are writing, as this could be the most distracting.

Getting distracted is very easy and you can find every possible distractions around you, but keeping yourself intact on the points mentioned above, can easily help you in concentrating on your writing, and thereby you can efficiently write.

Which Networks to Subscribe

Twitter is the one sensation we are living every day every moment – since you might be following many people – in a good hope to get the instant updates – here is something that you don’t have to miss out with twitter updates.

This does makes necessary to do – when you are following some blogger and have subscribed to their blog feed – do also don’t forget to subscribe for their twitter feed.

But Obvious
Many of you might be doing it already but for the rest half who might have not yet done – this is why you should do:

As twitter is the one happy tool for any blogger – they don’t actually have to key in complete article and format it correctly – on twitter they can just flow and write instantly – what they actually want to share with the world.

Make a search – I have already done – you will be amazed to see that most bloggers do have something extra to share on their twitter page – which they cant write down on their blogs – thus this twitter text is also of same value and carries the same knowledge worth as the blog post.

In this series of subscription – I would rate facebook second to twitter – since if you already subscribed for twitter – you will get all instant updates.