Why You Need to Write?

Have you ever felt that why blogging has become the niche of our lives and why people are very close to blogging about the facts of their everyday life?

The question in concern is; why you need to write?

Blogging on Internet
It might though look like people have just twisted their lives towards blogging but the fact remains holistic. Blogging was there ever since – we figured out how to express ourselves in words.

The medium “Internet” has gratified the writing and accepted it as blogging. If you look behind the horizons of blogging you will yourselves find the blogging is no such a different world altogether but just a name to the history of writing in the mankind.

People before blogging were writing and were extensively doing it. No change in the life whatsoever. If you gather the thoughts you will find that writing was there in the lives before blogging and it was to the personal level or the reach was limited.

People use to write the personal stuff in diaries and kept it for themselves or their friends or relatives. But blogging incase has changed the factual world into digital world.

Now, people are writing for a cause – their concerns – their lives – their demands – their needs and whatever they feel like.

Blogging with the Edge
Since ever blogging and income plunge together it created a generous way to express you and get some regaining reward for it. People started blogging as their everyday routine and were expressing casually.

But after the exploration of income with blog – people are now doing it purposefully. You don’t need to do any different if you want to pickup blogging you can write what you feel like. You can write on anything you have no borders of imagination or any power that could control your thoughts.

Feel before you write the writing and you will gain.

I am Back in Blogging from a Long Break

Some might be thinking that this blog has not been updated since and some might be thinking that I am out of blogging – but that’s not true. I had a busy month and new projects rolling.

Therefore, had to keep blogging aside – but it looks like all are falling in stream now. It’s many to discuss about and there has been a lot of updates in the blogging world and also in the SEO world.

Google has been updating its search algorithm and other changes too. There is lot to discuss.

Few of my blog post are coming soon for sure I am still writing them.

I hope you all had a rocking start of the year. Stay tuned to get some of the most wanted seo updates.

Blogging or Content Collection

People new to blogging understand that blogging is mere writing about things. Blogging cannot be termed as content collection and for people who are doing content collection, it’s just the crap they are doing; moreover, they are also crapping the Internet.

Blogging and Content Collection
I am not being rude on this one – but most of the bloggers around the blogosphere – don’t do the blogging. They just do the content collection.

The difference between blogging and content collection; with blogging you are actually sharing the knowledge – something new to the world. But with the content collection you are just collecting information and publishing it in the same way.

Search engines do the same; they collect the content and present to you – now you are the one who actually filter the content and take what you required and what not.

The point I am making here is, if you are doing content collection, which search engines do, then you are not doing any kind of blogging.

This is the reason search engine ignores some of the blogs because they are not having any thing new. Therefore, work on your content and not your content collection – leave the job, which search engines are doing.

Writing blog is Not Just Writing

Sharing knowledge with the world and making a living is where modern population is heading. As of, most of the webmasters have understood the power of content and making money through content.

Therefore, more and more people are blogging these days and as of blogging is not a limited niche – it’s as wide as the world.

Blogging and Blogosphere
Previously it was re-writing that most bloggers opted for and before that only copying content from one website to other. These methods may have been working in past but it will only lead you to hell these days.

Therefore, good content is thus necessary and as the Google search polices have been changing – so now just writing the good content will not lead you to heights of blogging.

Not Just Writing
If you want to be a successful blogger you need to do marketing with a good marketing plan. Writing good content will not list you at the top of search engines.

Right Marketing Strategy
Keep a target – when you have finished any amount of posts then start your marketing and for marketing you can do:

  • Bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory Submission

These four methods can be easily implemented and mostly at your pace.


This kind of marketing is not pure marketing – you are actually doing seo for your blog – which can easily bring profits for you in long term.

Blogging to the Success

Blogging has evolved not only for the information-sharing tool, but blogging is widely known for its moneymaking. More and more people are moving towards blogging – keeping this moneymaking perspective in mind.

There are ways to be kept intact to get your blogging to the success. You need to follow some regime in order to make the venture successful.

Successful Blogging
Just follow some strict guidelines in your blogging career in order to make it a successful venture. Follow the following:

  1. You don’t need to be the master of your niche, but you need to have passion for your niche.
  2. Keeping writing deadlines is not so important but writing meaningful is more important.
  3. Look for the right permalinks structure in your blog – rather than going for the plugin help.
  4. Give importance to the backlinks count rather than hunting for the Page rank.
  5. Every kind of advertisement can be worked successfully but the care should be given to its placement.

Though the successful blogging tips can be extended more and it could be never ending topic, but you need to start from somewhere and the points mentioned above can really help you in getting the successful blogging achieved.