Headed to Better Future With This

You must have seen some of the amazing inventions – but this invention will change the face of world. With this we are truly heading towards a better future.

Fuel, which is the most, desired component of our lives – petrol (gasoline) – whose prices are increasing every day and most importantly our environment is suffering due to this. Increasing pollution level is a concern of every country.

Water Fueled Cars
This is the future – you require nothing for running your car – it can simply run on plain water – which we consume daily – the same water could now be used as fuel in your cars.

Japanese company has designed a new car – which runs on plain water. It breaks the water and takes hydrogen from it to run the car. You can fuel any kind of water – even seawater can be used. As a matter of fact 78% of earth is covered with water.

Watch the video below to see all this in live action.