ClickBank Easy Marketing with Facebook

You must have seen many ideas of making money with Affiliate programs on facebook and may have gone through many related websites and ebooks – but a new idea which I came across and could prove efficient with clickbank marketing.

Clickbank Marketing with Facebook
You don’t have to be genius to attempt this marketing trick and make money off clickbank. You just have to follow simple steps and you could easily kick off making money through the largest e-products database.

Steps to do:
Just browse the clickbank marketplace and look for the product that matches to the niche you are interested in marketing or just look at the interests of the users added in your friends’ list of facebook.

When you are done choosing the right product just click to see the details and there you will find the “like” button of facebook.

Just click on that button and the product details will be added automatically to your facebook page – with your clickbank affiliate id.

Now, rest depends on the facebook friends’ list – if they like the product and want to opt for it (which they will normally do if the niche of product and interests matches the users) you will make money.

It’s pretty much the easy marketing and you can say no-work marketing method to make money off clickbank.

Landing Pages and Google Caffeine

As you might have read my previous blog post about Google caffeine – now with this new search policy introduced by Google – it has become difficult for people who made catalog websites or others static pages ones and solely depended on the SEO for ranking.

Now, all those pages will hit a setback. Since, there are many people who try the same way to make money with offers through landing pages.

What’s Now Then
Many people will say that “landing pages are marketed directly through advertisements – so no problem if there is a new search policy in place” very true. But like all other things, there are few people on Internet that solely depends on organic traffic for marketing of their CPA offers.

Now, a simple solution for all those is that – as you were previously doing – like making static landing pages – now also do the same thing – the only change that you need to make is install a blog in any of the subfolders of your website.

With the blog installed – make at least 4 posts a week related to your product. You can also have a rewrite of your topic that you have already written. This way you can keep your website live and breathy.

Keep doing the SEO work as you were doing previously but make sure to include your blog links also. Do make sure to include affiliate links of the products on your blog too.

Clickbank Marketing with No Money

Clickbank landing pages are always not sweet to design and market. You can have the landing page design by an expert but when it comes to marketing – lots of money goes there. Now there is a simple and effective way to get things working on your side.

Get to Easy Way
You don’t need to book the domain and host your website in some server. Simple way is write an article for the product you are promoting which you might have to write even you host your landing page.

Now, comes the real trick – make a free blog either on blogspot or or any other related site. Make sure you choose the sub-domain or the free blog URL correctly – so that it organically optimizes the landing page for you.

When you have done choosing the right extension for your page – then host your written content to this blog site which you have created with your affiliate links – do the same things you might have been doing on your landing page – the only difference is the page you are hosting is for free – rest all your efforts remain the same.

When Done – Comes Marketing
Now, comes the tedious of tasks – how to market this page – instead of going for paid advertisement – rather go for some basic SEO works – like blog comments and social bookmarking submission.

This would rather be beneficial in drawing the traffic for you at your free blog site. So, with your affiliate links the traffic will be diverted to the product page and you make income in easy way.

You can also promote this particular page on twitter and facebook – to save your PPC cost. As free blog site pages are crawled quickly on search indexes – therefore this could benefit you a lot if you optimize it correctly.

Clickbank Products Not Safe

This is real hell – real hell! I am sorry but – I need to say this because I am bit angry on the stuff that is being served all around web. Clickbank is the company in concern I am talking about.

I don’t know what is wrong with clickbank these days – and may be this was the previous situation too but I just get hold of it now. I am really angry on the sellers – selling their stuff on clickbank.

Hundreds of affiliates market their product and some are pretty new in the field – they read testimonials from fellow clickbank affiliates and opt their way to clickbank to earn money. But what they get is big zero and nothing else – there may be any promotion failure – but the core reason that I am getting is – most of the products placed in clickbank are not safely protected.

The Only Reason
I don’t understand one thing that sellers do everything right to promote their product but forgot to protect their download pages – this weekend I was on the mission to check the various products of clickbank and I could humbly say that around 50-70% products are unprotected.

What This Means
Simple – if you have downloaded product from a location – the other user too gets the same download page – no protection at all and best of all – people have now started sharing their download pages with friends and this is the good reason – why we see so many clickbank products out their in warez sites.

Not Aware
I can’t believe that clickbank merchants aren’t aware of the download page security because they tend to share some exceptional knowledge and this is the basic thing to protect your download pages.

I think merchants or clickbank on their behalf have to do something seriously – because as the technology and knowledge sharing is becoming easy so it will actually crash clickbank – as most of their hosted merchants do not have download page security.

Who will buy then? Biggest question arising.

Few More Successful Tips for Clickbank

If you have read my earlier post about how to go about marketing a product on clickbank marketplace – you might have got the clear idea – that for attracting affiliates you need to raise the commission – but this was the first part of success – the other and important aspect for your clickbank success are the users.

Therefore, how to make your users eager to buy the product and don’t actually make the refund calls.

Clickbank Product Success
Just to keep one thing in mind when you are selling any product on clickbank – that single/base products always not sell well – even if you are providing a higher commission on sales – but if you are not offering any bonus products with your base product – then chances might be that your sales could not excel.

So, you can easily mark it, as users are the key to success.

Selling your base product with some addons is always a good idea – and when you do that don’t just embed any product, which is not relative to your base product – as this might prove negative for your sales.

Over-Stuffing is Bad
When you add bonus products with your base product it should not have feeling that you are offering these products just for the sake of sales – it should give a feel that you are actually offering them as these addon products are of the same value as your base product and without it your base product could not excel.

I hope you might have got a clearer idea that how things shape in clickbank sales – as its not just about commissions which rule – but it is also about products.

Therefore, prepare a best niche with some explicit bonus products and outstanding commission offerings and see your sales pickup.