More on CPA Lead Working and Earning

Its about CPA lead in this post – we all have known the super formula of CPA lead and some of them are making a more than decent income through all this. A recent visit of mine to a website advertising through CPA lead inspired me to write this post.

What Happened
The website I don’t want to mention the name – is full of interesting content to download and previously it was all free to download but when I checked the other day – it was having a CPA lead offer displayed right on the page and as usual – one needs to fill that offer to view or download the content – as page is not accessible before that.

I tried to fill the offers – but to my fantasy all the offers were either for download and installing and nothing was really filling the form or a survey – as it is always with CPA lead.

I skipped the website for the time being – one day I visited the website and an idea struck to my mind – I disabled the JavaScript for my browser and bingo – site was accessible without any intervention of CPA lead offer.

Moral of the Story
When there is an option inside your CPA lead to forward the user to another URL or page – that don’t have enabled JavaScript – then why not use it. If not then you will be losing a lot of leads that could earn you.

Therefore use the fullest of technology when it is available. It is for your convenience.