Truth About and SEO No-Follow Links

This is the basic seo talk in this post. For all those people who are concerned with the no-follow and do-follow links.

If some of you are confused that what are they – they are the tags placed in the hyperlink of the URL to denote that links are following or not following, and for this the term, which is used, is called no-follow for not following; and do-follow for following.

Used for
No-follow: These are basically used to not pass the link juice to any other linking website.
Do-follow: These are basically used to pass the link juice to the linking website.

It is Said
If you use the nofollow links in your URL then your link juice is not passed on to other website – this was used when PR (page rank) was in existence – so in order to safe guard the PR value of your site this was used.

Also, it is often said that no-follow links are not counted as backlinks in the Google terminology.

Truth is
Whether you use the no-follow or do-follow it makes no difference to the Google SEO policy and they crawl all the links as usual with no difference as such.

Therefore, giving stress on these things is of no-use. You just have to work on your backlinks that’s the core thing for now and for always.