How to Price the Ebook

Buying an ebook or selling an ebook the pricing plays very important role in the selling and making it a best seller. This is often discussed question that how to price the ebooks – this is the crucial question as well.

Because customer is attracted to ebooks for the content and second thing customer watch after the content is the pricing and this is the deciding factor for the user to pay and buy the ebook or wait for a while.

I have done some home work on this as I am also planning to publish an ebook of my own and obviously it will on make money online – but the plan you will get in the ebook – I can guarantee that you must have not seen anywhere and it is very successful.

Now, the pricing discussion – how to price and keep a check the price is very much user friendly so that user when first sees the ebook – buys it.

When you make a sales page of for ebook – and describe the contents and plans on the sales page and at the end you place the pricing information.

Just make a section when you place pricing information – and in this section describe the outcome and benefits one user can get when buys the ebook. But do keep a check that don’t over do the things and go out of the way to promise which cannot be fulfilled – just for the sake of the sale – because if you will not be fair enough with the earning promise of the ebook – user could ask for a refund.

Therefore, be fair in the information you write to tell that how much earning is possible with this ebook and price it exactly to 10% of that to a maximum of $15 per ebook.

Because people can pay at max of $15 for an earning ebook but not more than that – for other niche an upper limit is $29 and if you price the ebook over this then it will be termed as overpricing.

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