You will Get Something New

The reason I stopped giving ebooks for free – is because people were just trying my free service for advertise their website and businesses. I find it real rude and kind of rip to me what ebook writers did to me.

Still you will find some of those ebooks in my category – have to delete them – but just thinking will Google mind it to erase some of posts from my blog.

Anyways – the good news for all my blog readers is the section is re-launching – but I am myself including the ebooks I have collected over the Internet and I could share with you. As still I would not be accepting any offers for free ebooks submission.

What All Will Be
All I can say is you will find some of ebooks, which can really be beneficial for any kind of person whether a blog writer or a webmaster – or just you are doing affiliate marketing to make an extra income.

These ebooks will add an extra knowledge to you – the rest you can read on my blog – but some of the topics will be well written in the ebooks for you to understand.

Some of the niche topics would be explained in detail – which is likely not possible to include in blog.

In short there is much to be happen on this blog – I could only say that I am trying to provide as much depth possible – so that it make the life easier for any blogger or webmaster.

Here is What Marketing Ebooks Tells You

People are often attracted to the advertisements that promise them to change their lives – true this is what advertisement was meant to do. Here is what I have seen – people get easily attracted to the marketing ebooks and they spent tons of money each year by going through these ebooks – usually these users are new but I can easily make this that 25% of the users which buy ebooks are not new but a mid-level internet marketers or webmasters.

All search for some new ways to grab the things more firmly and getting control more easily over their niche. But I do have made out that getting attracted to these advertisements is nothing – because you have not done your basics right and started seeing other ways or marketing.

Here is What Marketing Ebooks Tells You
This is shortest summary of what marketing ebooks tells you – they only elaborate the points and nothing else – because there is no other firm way other than these to market your product or website on internet.

1. Market Through CPC – Adwords, bidvertiser or any other PPC network.
2. Post Links in Social Sites – digg – stumble or any other social bookmarking sites.
3. Forum Signature Links.
4. Posting in link directories – submitting articles to article directories.
5. Commenting on Blogs.
6. Exchanging Links.
7. Posting in classified sites.
8. Use the information in your email signature.
9. Grab subscribers by opt-in form filling.
10. Press Release Submission.

These are the only ways to get your site or product market or SEO done. If someone has some issues in these points in understanding – just comment on this post – I would love to elaborate this for you.

Therefore, before going for buy to any of the marketing ebooks – just see to these 10points and realize – have you implemented this already – because the ebook for marketing will only turn and twist these 10points to present you bulky form of information in hundreds of pages.