Facebook Status Shooter App

This is the nicest of Facebook Apps that I have ever seen. It does the work for you and you need to just click.

Not for all – but for some who regularly hunt for new ideas and pitchy lines for their facebook status.

Facebook Status Shooter
The name itself suggests that it will shoot/update your facebook status. As this facebook app has around 40,000 statuses.

With one click it gets installed on facebook and when you are falling short of some pitchy lines – just open this app and get the exciting status update for your facebook profile.

Also, this facebook app has different categories – where you can easily choose the topic, which you like and want to update your status.

This facebook app does so that people can comment on your status updates and increase your profile hits. As people become more interested to what you say and what your next status is – it will surely increase the traffic to other areas as well – which is your site.

For people interested in purchasing this app – can also buy – this app is for sale at $8. This app does support the advertisement feature – where you can easily make money.

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Voice Chat on Facebook for FREE

Facebook the best of all time social networks – it facilitates every user. This is the foremost reason that it is rated top website – not only in social network but also in overall ranking.

Facebook apps have been making life simpler. Now, there is one more app introduced which I think would definitely benefit all.

Voice Chat on Facebook
With this new app you can do the voice chat right there on your friend list. You don’t have to configure anything – no hassles nothing. Vring is the name of the app and their tag line is – Talk on Facebook for Free!

You just have to download the app – install it and bingo.

Just login and chat as you normally do on facebook. The only difference this app will make is that you will see a phone receiver icon beside your friends chat id.

Click the icon and Start Talking!

I am sure this will give tough competition to the Yahoo Messenger and other voice messengers. As more and more people spend time on facebook. Also, a face that facebook has made people forgot the email too.

Therefore, I do believe this app – if delivers quality – will surely be a big-big hit.

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Click here to Visit Facebook – Vring App Download Page