Fraud Happening in Domain Registration

Economy world over is slowing down and people are thinking new ways of making money but this is also true that this has also given rise to many new scams around the Internet.

Recent Scam
The new scam, which is happening around Internet, is for domain registration, as many these days wants to get online. Therefore, some people are trying to make their money this way with a new scam.

I have also been scammed with this domain registration. As you all know still don’t register the domain – so we book the domains elsewhere from the resellers. We have some consistent reseller from whom we get to register domains and we never had any problem in the last 5 years of our online journey.

But this domain registrar I am talking here was giving the domain for $5 – when the .com domain costs more than $7 around the web then this person was offering for $5 – so I thought why not give it a try. I was aware that this is not real and something fishy but to know I had to do.

The domain was perfectly booked and was successfully active for the last 2months so I thought that I was wrong but the guy proved me that I was so true. My domain was suspended for no reason and when I tried to get to my domain account to check what is the matter – the URL was not present – so by doing some research I found the email address and the office address of the person. But as usually when you fall in scam – the scammer don’t reply you.

My domain and I was ripped off. So, I contacted the PDR (public domain registry) people and explain them everything, I must say they are really helpful. They gave me the main reseller contact ( under which this person was a sub-reseller. And they told me that they suspended this person’s account because of scamming.

Thanks for your patience reading, but I need to explain all things before I proceed with the name, so the website name is: ( – The person is located in Mumbai – India.

I was Lucky
As I contacted the and explained everything so they told me to pay just $10 towards registration and they will give the domain back to me. I was really lucky this time as to recover my domain.

But just beware of this website and protect yourself, your friends and family from this scam.