SEO – Press Release and Ranking

I was recently reading the Webmaster forum and a thread grabbed my attention – which said – “Be on Google’s front page in less than one hour”.

I found out that how it was explained – not actually ripping off his idea – but trying to explain the other things which could evolve around this. The idea was to submit press release and be on number one.

Not True Always
Submitting press release for the sake of ranking could be true for some niches but not for all niches. When you search for non-competitive keywords, press release could give you benefit but if you go for highly competitive keywords press release will work in no way.

Therefore, you need to take care of this when you are trying for the seo.

On the other side, when you press release you are trying to explain something via this to media – therefore you can rank high on the Google news for submitting press release – even if you do press release for high competitive keywords – but not always on the home page.

For grabbing quick attention you need to optimize your press release not only with the keywords but also with the submission. You need to submit it to press release directories.