Number of Backlinks You Should Make Daily

People often ask this question to SEO providers that how many backlinks they should target. It means how many backlinks should they make per day so that Google don’t mark it as a spam.

Believe me seriously, Google and no other search engine can ever pose any restriction on getting number of backlinks.

What is it Then
The base of the question stands on the spam ground – people often try to spam and take their short way to act smart but actually they are acting foolish.

Google has no restriction on getting the number of backlinks – the more number of backlinks you get – it will help Google bots to classify the website as good and list above the search results.

But this is also try – that if you try to spam Google search by taking unethical way – it will immediately de-list your website – credits to Google panda and Google caffeine.

What Not to do
You should avoid these – when building backlinks.

  1. Don’t do your directory submission in a hurry – like if you are doing 1000 submissions then spread it to 30days – may be 45 will be good.
  2. Don’t attempt too much article submissions.
  3. Social bookmarking on number of sites with the same login.
  4. Don’t submit to all search engines at once.

Ethical ways can never de-list you, but often people demand express SEO and then this affects their website. Blog comments are the ethical way to get backlinks and you can build even 1000 per day – but in that also submit fresh comments for quicker approval.

Core question is to have your content contribute to the knowledge community and then build backlinks, which will not hurt.