Why Your Article Gets Rejected

We all know what Google panda and Google algorithm 2011 update has did to the article directories and now it is not considered a good idea to submit your articles to the directories but some people are still trying to submit their articles.

It is not always that your submitted article gets approved – it does get rejected – Our Infogle.com blog is also a revenue sharing blog and people tend to submit articles – but mostly did not get approved.

Article Rejection Why
Article submission is good to get some fame and get other people know about your talent. Most of the article writers work for this – they grab work from Webmaster forums and write the articles for people – which they finally submit to article directories.

Not always all writers end up in positive note. Since, writers are given some product to write an article – and they end up writing the self-promoted article.

Self-promoted article means – it has nothing to do with sharing knowledge with the community – it is just written for the sake of product promotion.

People often write – positives and negative of the product – what this can do and what if you don’t choose this product – all those talk.

This is what article directories don’t like. You are actually writing a review and not a real article to submit it to article directories.

For correct article writing – and getting your article approved in directories – you need to write on a situation and then describe about the product what this product can do to overcome the situation. Create a situation and give a solution – then you are sharing knowledge.

How to Write Your Ideas and Thoughts

Most people who want to start their blog in order to share their ideas and thoughts do witness some outages – outage is not of thoughts but of how to explain their stuff in writing, so that people might get to understand.

How to Write
Even if you have the ideas – issue comes on how to write the stuff properly, so that larger audience would like the stuff. There are some easy to follow guidelines, which can compile a rocking blog post or article for you.

Step1: Write Your Thought – whether it’s just a line or few words.

Step2: Then try to link the content with the starting point – that is how would you start to reach the point of your idea.

Step3: Explain all the in-and-outs of your idea – that if there are any glitches or any addons required achieving the point of your idea.

Step4: Try to write the conclusion point – this always helps in better understanding.

Only these four steps are necessary in order to get the idea to the writing – which all would like to read.

Follow the above four steps on how to write your idea or thoughts – but do remember the content should not be so lengthy that it becomes boring – you should target a maximum of 250 words – unless the topic has more potential explanation to be written.