Blogging or Content Collection

People new to blogging understand that blogging is mere writing about things. Blogging cannot be termed as content collection and for people who are doing content collection, it’s just the crap they are doing; moreover, they are also crapping the Internet.

Blogging and Content Collection
I am not being rude on this one – but most of the bloggers around the blogosphere – don’t do the blogging. They just do the content collection.

The difference between blogging and content collection; with blogging you are actually sharing the knowledge – something new to the world. But with the content collection you are just collecting information and publishing it in the same way.

Search engines do the same; they collect the content and present to you – now you are the one who actually filter the content and take what you required and what not.

The point I am making here is, if you are doing content collection, which search engines do, then you are not doing any kind of blogging.

This is the reason search engine ignores some of the blogs because they are not having any thing new. Therefore, work on your content and not your content collection – leave the job, which search engines are doing.

Why People Will Read My Blog

This was the question that was tossed to me – this is true question and I do think that most of the users do have this question in mind before starting their blog.

Therefore I thought why not highlight some points that really rule the blogs and make it readable.

Making it Readable
I will directly jump to the questions:

1. Why people will read my blog?
Ans: Because of unique content – and good explanation of stuff.

2. How people will locate my blog?
Ans: You need to have excellent content and then leave it to search engines – to place in top of their search results – you can also have some plugins namely, XML sitemaps for basic SEO.

3. You need to be consistent with your writing and maintain the niche quite good – what usually happens is people drift from their blog niche and keep on adding content that is irrelevant to their blog – this confuses the search bot also.

4. Don’t elaborate the content or topic much so that it becomes boring – keep your content interesting and interactive.

The above-mentioned things really do make blog readable and search engine friendly too – because you need to understand one thing – search engines are always hungry for the content and if you serve them the finest of content – then they will surely crawl you up.

Maintaining the defined blog structure is always effective and it helps search engines to put your blog according to niche and crawl it on consistent basis.

People always search for good blog content – if you can serve them good content – you are most likely to get read.