Make a Full Purchase While Paying

There are some basic laws that you have to follow while making a purchase – I have seen this on many occasions that people don’t take much interest while paying for intangible products – and these are the products that are much taken care off.

What’s the Scene
People pay directly via paypal – mostly – while making a purchase of any kind of intangible product – I am not concerned with any specific product – just all kinds of intangible products fall in this list.

They instantly transfer the funds to the seller account without thinking much of making a chargeback in future if they are not satisfied with the product (usually scammers take the advantage of this – but I am talking about the honest buyers here).

Or lets take a different scenario that you pay via paypal to any 2checkout user – now 2checkout needs to have the buyer’s address and phone number entered in the billing invoice in order to do the verification – if someone didn’t enter his correct details transaction fails and money returns to his paypal account.

Why Necessary
Why paypal and 2checkout always tell you to fill in your detail is because this becomes necessary if you want to file a dispute – as this gives buyer and sellers both fair chances to settle the dispute by referring to the concerned authorities.

If you don’t fill in your details then its make difficult to settle the dispute in your favor – whether you must be true.

Therefore, next time you do any kind of intangible transaction do give attention to filling in your correct address and phone information.