Improve Your Targeted Keyword

People try various methods – and I have always said that for difficult looking issues – solutions are easy – most of the time. Therefore, for improving keywords there are simple to follow plans.

Though the method I am explaining below is not the only method to improve your target keyword but it helps in the improvement.

The Plan for Keyword Improvement
You must have noted in the google search when you search for any keyword – if the website having that keyword – it highlights the keyword (bolds).

The same plan follows in this:

  • You need to include the keyword you are targeting in your title of website.
  • Also, try to include the keyword in the URL of your website.
  • You should include the keyword in the meta-tags too. Forget what people say about meta-tags, you should always have them.

You also need to include the targeted keyword in the first few lines of your content.

Just ensure that you don’t over stuff your keywords. Keep a check when including your keyword in your content it should make sense.

As google and other search engines highlights only the first part of your content therefore, you need to include keyword in the beginning part of your content. These guidelines increase your on-page SEO.