Affirm Social Marketing Tip

There are tons of content available on social marketing and people are actually making decent income too with marketing their stuff on social sites. There are few common rules to follow to make your content easily optimized on social sites.

One Common Rule
The key to social optimization is the same name to be used on social sites – which you have made site off. For example: as in my case with my site – you will see that I have made my twitter account on the name Infogle and same I followed with facebook and other book marking sites too.

Now, if you can check the term: Infogle – on Google you will find that whenever I tweet Google instantly lists them. It is a kind of premium listing that I get for my word Infogle.

You need to use the same trick with facebook while making pages on facebook – Google crawls them quickly and your information is indexed.

By using these tricks don’t actually require you to do much of an effort – as this is self-SEO done by Google and other search engines.

There is a kind of interlinking between social sites with same name and this is the best SEO possible – I would explain that in my other post.

For the time being – make the same name account on twitter and get a premium listing on Google for the term.