Link Advertisement Questions Time

Recently I published a blog post stating that which link advertisement network you should use for based on my research on my site on two different locations – if you had a miss read that blog post – Comparing Link Advertisements – Which Works Best.

So this blog post elaborates some more to highlight the points – that were raised to me via email, chat, and blog comments.

Though I don’t know why people email me such questions – as they can always comment on the blog post – buy any way.

Most Prevailing Question
I am taking the question that was mostly asked – readers made their mind according to my suggestion – but they were confused on few things.

1. What should be the Link Color?
2. How to Stuff Keywords?
3. Which Niche to target?

Lets take one by one.

Question1: What should be the Link Color?
The simple answer to it will be that blue – is universal color for hyperlinks – so just go for blue color.

Question2: How to Stuff Keywords?
One line answer you cannot.

Question3: What Niche to Target?
I would say that any niche could work – but keep a check that it should have content on it and not just the connecting words – some real keywords related to niches.

Not only you can use this on your blogs – but all the forum webmasters – you can very easily have the link advertisement snippet placed in the forums – also the directory owners.

If there is anything more do comment and I would most likely solve it!