Few More Successful Tips for Clickbank

If you have read my earlier post about how to go about marketing a product on clickbank marketplace – you might have got the clear idea – that for attracting affiliates you need to raise the commission – but this was the first part of success – the other and important aspect for your clickbank success are the users.

Therefore, how to make your users eager to buy the product and don’t actually make the refund calls.

Clickbank Product Success
Just to keep one thing in mind when you are selling any product on clickbank – that single/base products always not sell well – even if you are providing a higher commission on sales – but if you are not offering any bonus products with your base product – then chances might be that your sales could not excel.

So, you can easily mark it, as users are the key to success.

Selling your base product with some addons is always a good idea – and when you do that don’t just embed any product, which is not relative to your base product – as this might prove negative for your sales.

Over-Stuffing is Bad
When you add bonus products with your base product it should not have feeling that you are offering these products just for the sake of sales – it should give a feel that you are actually offering them as these addon products are of the same value as your base product and without it your base product could not excel.

I hope you might have got a clearer idea that how things shape in clickbank sales – as its not just about commissions which rule – but it is also about products.

Therefore, prepare a best niche with some explicit bonus products and outstanding commission offerings and see your sales pickup.

How to Develop Great Selling Product for Click Bank

We all know about some of the great products that have been on internet and for all the webmasters – you must be knowing the approx amount of sale percentage or the profit percentage that seller on click bank made through that particular product.

Now, for all the webmasters at one point or the other must have thought about getting some elusive product – so that people could make hefty purchases.

All this is too nice looking but what all work goes behind this to make it a master success product when you land on click bank marketplace.

Steps for Success on Click Bank
First of all these are all tried and tested methods that I am purring out here – it goes as follows:

  • If you are thinking that successful product are those which are less in cost to the customers – then my friend you have fallen in the pit of lie – low cost products are always not the key and if you look at the top products on click bank marketplace – they are too higher prices – than you were thinking them too – isn’t it I am right.
  • The basic and foremost key in my view is the affiliates – they make your product successful – therefore to get lot of affiliates selling your product is the right key.
  • For getting abounding affiliates to make your product successful – is you need to have higher commissions on products you sale – the higher the commission percentage is – the higher number of affiliates you have to promote your products.
  • Need to add the videos to the sales page – in this time of the click bank I should say it is must. Also, try to make a video that include all sales page knowledge – and point out in the page – if you don’t want to, read have a watch – this will save time of user and will make it more interesting on presentation front – also will add extra edge to your sales page.

I am not much elaborating this topic as its too vast to discuss on one blog post – but these are the basics of having more sales on click bank marketplace

What is the ClickBank Code?

No clickbank has not implemented something new to their coding and also has not done anything to clickbank affiliate page – but this is related to clickbank marketing. Tons of pages have been written about clickbank marketing but I guess – clickbank marketing topic will never be old.

But there are always new ways that are determined from time to time – for clickbank marketing because clickbank is itself so vast – that no one marketing can be marked as successful.

Clickbank Marketing
For all those newbies who have just started clickbank marketing – you can market clickbank product by creating affiliate pages and market those websites on various PPC networks.

But I am not here to highlight those things – which have already been said and you must have read anywhere else – because I do think that creating web pages is not possible for all those people – who want to earn money through internet – because everyone is not a webmaster and everyone does not know html and other simple software for making those web pages/landing pages.

What To Do
I will summarize in points so that it will be easy for anyone to understand.

1. Signup at clickbank.
2. Take your affiliate link from clickbank.
3. Create Adwords account.
4. Create New Campaign and write details for the advertisement.
5. Write the URL of the website which you are affiliate for.
6. In the landing URL write your clickbank affiliate link.
7. Select the keywords for the campaign – Adwords tool will help you in this.
8. Do not forget to adjust your daily budget.

You are done.

No problem of creating landing page and this method is well verse with Adwords policy. I strongly think that this method will make more money in compare with the landing page method.