Low Adsense Earning – Reason

Every one of us must have at any stage compared with the same niche person that how much is the adsense earning for his niche as just want to compare that as person is having the same niche as ours.

But the other person with same niche is getting more earning – and the one with same niche and considerably more hits is earning less – and more both have same adsense placement.

What is the Difference
When niche and traffic is same for the two website – why does one gets more earning and other one is low – the basic difference between the two is that – and this is what adsense uses to distinguish your earning.

Your geographical location – not the one that where are you from – but the geographic location at which your adsense ads are viewed.

If your website with adsense on it – viewed in US you might more earning – as compare to India or any other country.

This is the basic difference, which differentiate your earning – as the site earning more may be getting more traffic from US or related high earning geographic location – but the other site with the same niche may not be getting much traffic from US.

I am keeping this topic short – as because this could be stretched – I will try to include related posts to this topic.

But just to point that I am not saying that most earning is from US traffic only, this was just the basic comparison and there are more points that are considered in when earning is calculated.

Your Adsense in Someone’s Inbox – Interesting

It is always interesting to know how to make more with adsense – as it is one of the easiest way to make money and even a geek can do with little help on the topic.

But this could be real new thing to know for many of your – a little trick that puts up your adsense advertisement in someone’s inbox. As we all know adsense is just meant to advertise on pages and it can’t be send as in emails.

You can very easily do it and make more money with a simple and legitimate trick powered by Google adsense and feedburner.

The Trick
If you are blogging this makes even easy to penetrate in to the inboxes of people and show them your adsense banners – as this might grab some extra money giving you that extra edge upon others.

Let your users subscribe for your feeds – using their emails – and then you just have to alter the feedburner account settings – in your feedburner account you will find an option to have your adsense ads displayed on the feeds.

This is the catch – because every time you write a new post feedburner works for you and send automatic updates of your post to the users email and with it goes the adsense ads.

This is a very simple and effective trick to have a bit more with your adsense ads. The only thing that you have to worry is grabbing more feed subscribers.