Make Money with Wallpaper or Image Sites

Making a wallpaper site always looks interesting as these sites draws heavy traffic – and its all the way easy to start with. You can get good quality wallpapers or images easily.

We have to believe that these kinds of sites is the favorites of most of the people on Internet. But the question arises of income because its no charity and its hardcore business – so need to have profits to stay in business.

Question of Making Money
I have been recently asked this question by a user of webmaster forum in PM about monetizing these kinds of sites as this is the biggest issue.

You need to realize that if you are having CPC ads then these ads mainly work with content – written text – and as your site is having just the images and almost negligible content so its hard for CPC ads to place the meaning-full ads for your site.

Therefore, this leads to less earning – but you can alter a bit to have content.

Having Content on Wallpaper or Image Sites
You can tweak your site to have much meaning full ads to generate good amount of money.

1. You need to have good and innovative titles for your images.
2. You need to have some nice and unique description for your images.
3. Place the ‘alt’ text for your image – this helps much.
4. Look at the placement and place your ads just beside the description.

Having content embedded on your images or wallpaper sites can easily increase your income. This would also enhance the traffic for your site.

Adsense Counts Traffic or Not

Now this is one question that is quite confusing and people tend to follow myths – in accordance with the answer to this question. You don’t need to be confused but just be logical.

While Applying for Adsense
Reading the terms of service and program guidelines is a good habit – and everyone should follow. But you need to be logical when applying for adsense.

If your website is new and you follow the complete adsense guidelines and even then your website is not approved – it is more likely possible that it was due to the lack of minimum traffic criteria.

Most People Don’t Agree
Now, understand this if you don’t have the minimum traffic then why would anyone place advertisements on your website – same is the case with the adsense approval.

They do want to have websites with minimum traffic so that users can view their ads. Since, all this is related to earning.

The traffic criteria is nowhere mentioned in the program guidelines – but as I said you need to think logically and present a quality website to the adsense approval team.

You will Get Something New

The reason I stopped giving ebooks for free – is because people were just trying my free service for advertise their website and businesses. I find it real rude and kind of rip to me what ebook writers did to me.

Still you will find some of those ebooks in my category – have to delete them – but just thinking will Google mind it to erase some of posts from my blog.

Anyways – the good news for all my blog readers is the section is re-launching – but I am myself including the ebooks I have collected over the Internet and I could share with you. As still I would not be accepting any offers for free ebooks submission.

What All Will Be
All I can say is you will find some of ebooks, which can really be beneficial for any kind of person whether a blog writer or a webmaster – or just you are doing affiliate marketing to make an extra income.

These ebooks will add an extra knowledge to you – the rest you can read on my blog – but some of the topics will be well written in the ebooks for you to understand.

Some of the niche topics would be explained in detail – which is likely not possible to include in blog.

In short there is much to be happen on this blog – I could only say that I am trying to provide as much depth possible – so that it make the life easier for any blogger or webmaster.

Want to Change My Old Suggestion

When I started my blog – I shared a good deal of information of how to become a bloggers with a sense and how to get the required information – I even shared some of the money making ideas – lot of them worked also – few got failed – and few tricks got old with time passed.

As affiliate marketing is changing at every second – and something new is suggested somewhere on the Internet either with blackhat or white-hat but people are still busy extracting new knowledge to get their stuff refined.

My Previous Posts
I have suggested that how to make your blogging a pleasure for the visitor – what are the basics for the good blogging style. At that time if you are following my blog regularly I suggested the use of pictures related to your niche as this provides some good viewing and make your blog look professional – but this was way back.

Now the channel has changed – and we are in to the blogosphere that is exploding with knowledge and blogs – and people are making this place stuffed – therefore to get your pie in this case the pie means the piece of earning – I would like to change my own saying but this is with the time.

New Suggestion with the Time
If you had observed my blog – I have not been putting images of any kind in my blog content – only if images are too necessary for explaining something – otherwise I am skipping it.

The reason being – I am using the banner instead of simple niche related images from adsense. See, after all the image suggestion of mine in the blogs was to make it look interesting – and the same thing is now done by adsense.

Just choose the banner only option and they will display a big banner related to your niche and if its sounds too interesting with your content which obviously would be – I hope you are getting that you will make money then.

Blog is still look interesting with an interesting banner and it makes sense also with your content and at last you make money also with CPC way or either CPM way. Think this topic in your mind too!

When Offers Not Flowing

There are few times in this world when there are not many great offers for marketing or product selling and the current time is one of it. The recession period is the toughest of times and the reality is that we all have to face it and we have almost faced the half of recession.

Now when one is not getting enough offers for marketing any good per sale or lead product then what do to do for making some money. Believe me the scene is not nice at that moment when the advertisers back step and you are left with nothing.

What To Do Then
The only idea, which I have in my mind and I apply all the time when there are not many great offers for per sale or per lead. The idea is to have optimize the content of your blog or your website.

The word optimize I have used to give stress on the quality content to be included by you on your blog and on your website and place some PPC advertisements and don’t stick with only one implement two three modes of PPC advertisements and include some quality content to your blog – I don’t intend to say that you should only place advertisements or your content should not be look like over advertised.

To gain traffic instantly I will suggest you to go with social bookmarking – and social bookmark your posts and not your blog or website.

This is the easiest of jobs which you can apply to excel your income and you can also include rewritten content but the content should be rewritten nicely and please don’t misunderstand on this – rewrite the new information and not the old PLR articles pack which are normally available for a dollar or two.

After you have implemented this you will see some rise if not sudden – and this is far enough to stay stagnant for the period.