Tweet from Mobile Not from Computer

In this competitive world of marketing, there is never much of what you can do. Since this competitiveness is given rise to many new phases of marketing and best of the medium to market the product or yourself or just connect is the social media sites.

Orkut, Myspace and Facebook are the few outcomes of this hurriedness and excelling the edge. But as it happens we have to grab some new dimensions to have a feel that we are moving and growing. So, the growth or movement for now is Twitter.

With just 140 characters, it opens the new era for our social media interactions, some use for just social use, while others make it a profit making entity. But how many of you have really come to the fact that because of the tiny nature and quickness’ Twitter has been addictive.

Many will realize this fact that Twitter is addictive and when it comes to work, most people end up in this addictiveness rather using it for their real cause and this will end up in a mess, as the addictiveness is always messy with the real world.

So, there is a fact that I have thought and you could realize that how true is it. Due to the addictive nature of this micro-blogging tool, I will recommend now using this on your computer any more. Use the twitter on your mobile so that you can really manage the tweets and works.

There are many tiny applications for every kind of mobile that you can install and use it and after using it for a week, you will really feel that how addictive was twitter in your computer.