Careful When Choosing Banner Exchange

Banner exchanges could be the easiest of ways to get traffic but personally I have never used it anytime. The reason I have avoided it – is because of quality of websites where my banner will be automatically exchanged.

Watch Out For
You need to really care about the website you are signing up for exchanging banners – this is because you need to be sure where you website banner has been put on.

Just go through the details and FAQ mentioned in the banner exchange website – this will definitely provide you an outlook of things that what kind of websites they have in their database.

Why it is necessary
You need to, if you are having any PPC advertising ads on your website – therefore if your banner was exchanged to some website which are not compliant with PPC then your website has to suffer for it.

And most likely for placing banner where it was not required can finally put your crawled links down in search engine listing.

Though as I mentioned I have not used it but do you think it can be helpful if you try this with any CPA offers. New angle to the topic isn’t it.