Start Your Hosting Business and Earn Easily

You might think that Web Hosting business is bit outdated and there is much competition in the niche. True! there’s much competition but with competition comes the courage to be successful.

Web Hosting Business
When you choose to start web hosting business – though you might be knowing about this business from long time – but the basic thing that you need to start the Web Hosting business is to have a proper server and proper server maintenance and then market the product to the right people and spend money with the advertisement. I am not exaggerating but all these and more to it are facts.

Easy Web Hosting Business
Infogle Web hosting business is so easy to opt-in You don’t need to worry about anything. Everything will be taken care off:

  • Easily subscribe for Reseller or Master Reseller – We are the cheapest and providing services since 2005.
  • We have proper server to provide you with unlimited services.
  • We have staff to manage resources so you need not to worry about managing it.
  • We Provide Google Adwords coupon so don’t worry about marketing costs.
  • We even take care of your customer tickets on request and reply promptly.

In short, When you subscribe to Infogle Web Hosting every thing is taken care off and you can do your business stress free.

Other Clubbed Offers
When you subscribe for Infogle Web Hosting business – We bring to you some exclusive offers.

  • .Com domain at never before pricing.
  • Free Support
  • Free Client management
  • Free Payment gateway assistance

Infogle Web hosting – We are Providing hosting since 2005.

Now It’s About Unlimited

The time when Infogle started the Hosting Section – we did have to hear some harsh comments from users.

Infogle Hosting section offered Unlimited Space and Bandwidth – and this was the only factor that most of the users declined our offer in the initial stage – and commented to me that what is unlimited – when there is a disk value.

We could only say that this is the plan and its truly unlimited in space and bandwidth – you can have how much you want – but no success – as we were in initial stages and with unlimited Space and Bandwidth we offered Life Time Hosting for one time fee.

This was the bang second thing that made many users awkward and to twist their eyebrows – but some commented that what is about life time hosting – and the simplest answer was 10years what is termed a lifetime in this respect.

People believed that we are just the 2year company and with flashing this offer we are trying to rip them – but I would personally thank to many users who believed in us and continue with the life time hosting plan – touch wood – they have been with us from last 3+years now and we have proved that we are not here to rip anyone with our offers.

Yes! I do believe that sometimes our offers are too good to be true but it is – also now after so many years other giant hosting providers are also following the same path of unlimited hosting – just Google some big names of hosting and you will get to know.

But we are again excelling – as our offer is for lifetime. So, if you have not tried our hosting services I do urge to subscribe and take benefit because in this recession – I am not sure if we would be able to keep the life time hosting offer live for more days.