Google Web Page Crawling and Website Traffic

Google crawls pages that are unique and are worthy – right! But crawling pages to the search index is not that your website will be enhanced.

Google Crawling
If your website is having unique content then obviously Google will crawl in to its search index. You can easily check the number of pages of your website on Google search by performing this search on Google – “”.

This will show the number of pages Google has crawled in to its search index of your website.

Website Traffic
Google crawling more pages of your website – does this makes sense that it will increase your traffic? Not always true! Because crawling your web pages does not directly reflect the website traffic or the amount of users that search engine directs on to your website.

As, crawling web pages and traffic both are different but they could reflect each other if you do the kind of optimization needed.

Crawled pages can also lead to increase in website traffic if you implement the right amount of SEO tricks – since, Google already has your website pages on its index and the only missing thing is the optimization. The simplest of SEO tricks that can be used to bring your website up in the search results is the backlinks.

Create backlinks for your website or even pages – since, half of the work is already done now its bit of optimization that will easily enhance your search listing.

Bulk Search Engine Submission and SEO

You must have seen many offers of bulk search engine submissions on various forums and classifieds. There are some scripts, which does the submissions for you with just one click. You can submit to 100’s of available search engines with it.

But do you think this is really helpful when it comes to listing your site on search engines. I don’t think so.

Search Engine Submission Script
These scripts are good – nothing bad in it and it is not something related to spam when it comes to SEO. Doing bulk submissions to search engines in one click does save time and effort.

But you should keep a check before submitting your site to all these search engines, something that will really matter.

  1. You need to have correct URL structure (though this is not much important).
  2. You need to have Meta-tags such as Meta names and keywords.
  3. You need to have sitemap installed on your site. Just don’t have only XML maps – include all types of sitemaps – when trying for bulk submission to search engines.
  4. The pages of your website should be interlinked.

Correcting all the four above-mentioned points will help your website rank better and much needed for search engine crawl. By doing this you achieve the first step in search engine optimization.

Submit To One of the Best – Not Just All

When it comes to SEO – the first thing that people want to know submissions – SEO is search engine optimization and not submission engine optimization. I am telling this because everyone who opts for SEO is keen to know – the number of submissions will be done and in how many days – it will be completed.

So, they all are interested in getting submission not SEO. Isn’t it?

What to Do?
Seeking for submissions is one thing and getting your site optimized is another thing – for letting your site optimized and get traffic for your site – you can do this in one submission and one cannot achieve a single hit in 100 submissions also.

Let me explain this:
For example if you take link directory for SEO and do not submit your directory to one top location such as DirectoryCritic – and do tons of submissions elsewhere – then my friend you are wasting your time and efforts.

As the one submission to DirectoryCritic can produce tons of traffic for your link directory – that cannot be matched with other submissions.

Likewise its true for other niche also. But this is the mentality of people around the web and that can’t be changed.

Therefore, its upon you – what do you choose for optimization and what kind of optimization you require – the best submission or the bulk submission.