Do You Over-think Your SEO Situation

I know people sometime behave abnormally when it comes to their site and even more when they have outsourced any SEO work. There are many reasons for it but most probably they are just over-thinking about their website’s position and SEO.

Over-thinking SEO
If you are registered in any Webmaster forum you must have witnessed the threads which often say that their site is de-indexed or website position in the search index is low. These are all the over-thinking situations in terms of SEO.

Websites are shuffled on the basis of keywords, if you are having any particular keyword and other website is also having the same keyword, so search system will automatically shuffle the search results giving the websites an equal chance. So, this is not the situation it’s usual.

Next, someday link counts are less and someday its more, this is because some websites were not responding at the moment when search bot reached them; therefore, whenever you fall in situation like this – do count the average links.

Search results are often shuffled because the competing website has done better backlinks for the keyword. You don’t have to feel exhausted for the efforts you have done on your website, Just keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process.