When it’s Nice Around You

It’s a feeling around you that makes you happy and you excel in your work – I hope you are not thinking that you have visited a love blog – this is still a Webmaster blog.

Nice is the stuff I am talking about today on this blog post. You might have heard about lot of updates that has happened on Google and because of it – lot many sites have lost their rankings.

This is what you can relate to the “Nice” feeling.

What is Nice – I am talking about?
Its just about the right user experience that you have to give to any of your user when they visit your website.

Google loves it – if you give the right user experience to your visitors – since Google loves the content.

Now how to provide the right user experience: You just have to work on your content and it’s not about writing – but about the placement.

You need to place your content – or rate your content over the ads – you cant just post ads over your content – its counted as bad user experience and Google has become very very strict on this.

Therefore, create the nice user experience so when user feels that it’s nice around them they will like your website – and at the same time Google will list your website ahead of competition.

You will score at the end of the day!

How to Check Your Site is Banned or Not

Many people say that their site has been banned on Google or any other search engines and they tend to worry or get panic.

As Google has implemented Google panda and Google Algorithm 2011 – so this has been happening to many sites. But on the most occasions people are not correct – they are just panicking.

Site is Banned or Not

Now, when people say that their site is banned or not found on Google – it is because they might have search the keywords they were ranking and due to recent Google changes they have either fallen down in the results or in worst case they don’t rank for that particular keyword.

In this case, they are not banned but their rank has been reduced for a certain keyword. If you really want to check whether your site is banned from Google or not then try this simple trick – enter the following string in the Google to see the results:


If result displays your site – then you are pretty much in the search and if you don’t find any of the pages in the results then only believe that your site has been de-listed.


When you see your site in search after entering the above string – but not for the keywords that you were ranking previously – it is because competition in the niche has risen to an extent and your competitor has optimized their website for that keyword.

Therefore, do work on some SEO and improve the content of your website to get your ranking back. As, its not always that Google Banned.

Number of Backlinks You Should Make Daily

People often ask this question to SEO providers that how many backlinks they should target. It means how many backlinks should they make per day so that Google don’t mark it as a spam.

Believe me seriously, Google and no other search engine can ever pose any restriction on getting number of backlinks.

What is it Then
The base of the question stands on the spam ground – people often try to spam and take their short way to act smart but actually they are acting foolish.

Google has no restriction on getting the number of backlinks – the more number of backlinks you get – it will help Google bots to classify the website as good and list above the search results.

But this is also try – that if you try to spam Google search by taking unethical way – it will immediately de-list your website – credits to Google panda and Google caffeine.

What Not to do
You should avoid these – when building backlinks.

  1. Don’t do your directory submission in a hurry – like if you are doing 1000 submissions then spread it to 30days – may be 45 will be good.
  2. Don’t attempt too much article submissions.
  3. Social bookmarking on number of sites with the same login.
  4. Don’t submit to all search engines at once.

Ethical ways can never de-list you, but often people demand express SEO and then this affects their website. Blog comments are the ethical way to get backlinks and you can build even 1000 per day – but in that also submit fresh comments for quicker approval.

Core question is to have your content contribute to the knowledge community and then build backlinks, which will not hurt.

Working SEO Tricks After Google Panda

After the Google panda update there are many sites, which had been badly affected, and people are still trying recovering from this. But the most buzzing topic at the moment is what is remained in the search engine optimization that can still help you in gaining ranking for your website.

Still Working SEO Methods
Some of the old methods, which are still working after the Google panda update, are the following:

  1. You can still place comments on blogs and it will be counted as backlink.
  2. You can submit to social bookmarking sites.
  3. You can still ask for reviews.
  4. Forum Submission.
  5. Feed submission.
  6. Video submission of your product on YouTube or other video sites.

With these methods you can still achieve SEO. Directory submission is still counted as means of generating some instant traffic, as they are not of much importance in gaining backlinks. But there are few authority link directories – whose links are still counted as backlinks.

Do keep an important check in submitting to link directories – that you submit a revised description in every directory – kind of unique submission in each directory, this is just to make sure that Google does not count it as a duplicate content and don’t de-list them.

Article directories are best to be avoided at the moment. As it will take some time to flush their duplicated content and flourish with new one.

Bulk Search Engine Submission and SEO

You must have seen many offers of bulk search engine submissions on various forums and classifieds. There are some scripts, which does the submissions for you with just one click. You can submit to 100’s of available search engines with it.

But do you think this is really helpful when it comes to listing your site on search engines. I don’t think so.

Search Engine Submission Script
These scripts are good – nothing bad in it and it is not something related to spam when it comes to SEO. Doing bulk submissions to search engines in one click does save time and effort.

But you should keep a check before submitting your site to all these search engines, something that will really matter.

  1. You need to have correct URL structure (though this is not much important).
  2. You need to have Meta-tags such as Meta names and keywords.
  3. You need to have sitemap installed on your site. Just don’t have only XML maps – include all types of sitemaps – when trying for bulk submission to search engines.
  4. The pages of your website should be interlinked.

Correcting all the four above-mentioned points will help your website rank better and much needed for search engine crawl. By doing this you achieve the first step in search engine optimization.