Why to Have Relative Links Only

Many will have this question in mind – that why in SEO it is said to have relative links only. Why not the other links that are not relative to your website. After all a backlink is a backlink?

Relative links is needed because – Google largely caters to relative links that you can produce – for your website or blog – if you are having non-relative links Google will count that – but it will not affect your search engine ranking position.

Largely backlinks are produced to raise your search engine ranking. Therefore, you should have relative links that Google favors.

Now, it’s not only that Google favors it – but also relative links have their own distinctive property as well – and that is. If you place a link relative to your website/blog – its more likely that people will visit through that link – and it will not be counted as link just for the search engine.

So, relative links placed correctly produces traffic for your website too – therefore one needs to take care of the relative links more that just the backlinks.

Relative links can produce consistent traffic and search engine ranking for your website/blog. Therefore; next time if you require backlinks for your website/blog – think about placing relative links.

Compare When Rewriting Topics

It’s all about rewriting – I personally tracked some of the blogs with make money, blogging, seo tips – and 99% of blogs are rewriting the topics – there is no harm in rewriting – it is rather good as you can include the missing information or unexplained information.

When you actually rewrite the blog post – you take a theme from topic and write it in your own words – but still it may happen that you might not rank for that particular keyword in the search engine – even your blog post is unique.

This is the common issue and happens to all – to me also. I often find information that is not explicitly written – and its rather confusing for most of the users on Internet.

Method I Tried
Whenever you are rewriting the topics in the sake for search engine rankings – then you should always keep a check on the content and keywords that the original article is having and try to make a better one with your rewrite.

Perform a search and try to summarize points that are favoring the article to rank higher for a particular keyword.

It is not that difficult, as it seems – with 1-2searches and reading that article will surely give you an overview.

Other than the comparison method – You should always have your sitemap ready and submitted to search engine – it always helps in listing your site on search engine.

Modified Hyperlink and SEO

There are few things, which are to be watched when you are attempting to do SEO for your site – or if you are a SEO company doing SEO work for your clients.

SEO mostly done for the backlinks – 99% of clients are interested in getting backlinks and nothing else – they actually want link building service in the shape of SEO. Therefore, do take care of one thing.

Watch Out For
I have found that some directories and social bookmarking sites – don’t actually link to your site directly – instead of linking to your site directly they tend to use the short URL.

Therefore, if you are attempting to submit to these directories or sites – the link juice will not pass to you as the URL is modified.

So, if you are looking for link building through these sites – your work is simply wasted.

This is also true for the sites – you are placing banners on – as some sites modify the hyperlink information – so the juice is not passed at all.

You have to thoroughly check the website hyperlink system – before making an effort.

Instantly Notify Changes to Search Engines

This is one of buzzing questions among the Webmaster community – that if they change their content information or link information – will this affect their rankings – and how to do without damaging the ranking results.

Tried and Tested Way
I also got worried when I had to change some link system – or simply the title of something in my blog – even for the small changes I used to be worried so much – then the easy way came.

I implemented the XML sitemaps to my blog – this erased all the issues – what does these XML sitemaps do? These sitemaps are a dose of instant notification to search engines and it is almost instantly reflected in the search engines results.

If you are worried about changing your web page extension from “.htm” to “.html” then you should use these XML sitemaps to instantly notify the search engines and this will result in no-harm to your search engine ranking.

For This
You need to register to some of the analytics or Webmaster sections of search engines in order to get your XML sitemap submitted. There is no issue in finding all this – visit the respective search engines all have these information.

Though this method is quite fast and almost instant – and changes are notified to search engines but you need to make sure you already have an active sitemap submitted to search engine – so it will pick the changes quickly.

To be frank, I have not yet tried this on any major changes to my website – but I am sure it will work smooth.

Simple SEO Methods for Traffic

For doing seo it’s not just that you have to follow traditional SEO guidelines – but there are far more in-depth SEO tricks which you can easily apply to highlight your website/blog up in the search result.

What To Do
Other than the traditional SEO methods of submitting your website name to n-number of places you can always try the YouTube method.

If you say you don’t have resources to create a nice video for your site niche – then you can just try out the simple ways – you can create some banners and put them in the format and with your voice only you can explain things. This is by far the simple way to create video feed for your website/blog.

What’s Next?
Nothing much – rest depend on the kind of stuff you have put in – if you have put in really nice information you will have views and chances are that your video feed will be displayed in the Google search for that particular keyword.

Therefore, it is again a kind of optimization that you are doing in order to pull some traffic for your website/blog.

This is one of the easiest of methods because it guarantees you to get two-way traffic – one from the video that you submitted to YouTube and second from the search engine listing – but you need to be sure that the content you have shared with users much be of some worth in order to reap these benefits.

These simples SEO tricks can really benefit and sometimes may outgrow the traditional SEO results.