Use of Image in SEO

What we miss sometimes is makes a lot of confusion – it happens. As for me, I was reading an article in webmaster forum about marketing and the other person wrote – how to go about marketing on ebay – which I really forgot – it skipped from my mind completely.

As for SEO it’s the most and people often like to follow what they have been following for years and don’t like to change – I can’t figure out the reason – but it’s happening. Also, some miss the basics of SEO – and today I remembered one that is by far necessary and can draw easy traffic to your site.

We all put images in our website – and most people just throw their images on to FTP as they are junks – and ignore the potentials that can commensurate the hardcore SEO.

Whenever you put images on your website – do give the name to them – and use the exact name which it is used for – like you are having a man with chunks of money in hand – so rename the images as “man-chunks-money” with whatever extension of the image you want to use – as the extension is not much necessary till now.

This renaming would reserve a spot for you in image search and whenever anybody makes the search with the keywords that is related to your image name – your hosted image will be displayed in the search – and you will receive a click for it.

Therefore, SEO is deep and it’s far more related to common sense and how much better you can extract from your resources.

Buy an Old Domain or Purchase New

Well if this was the question for wine then with blind folded anyone can say go for the old one – do you think the same could be follow for old domains too.

I doubt that the same trick works with old domain – as there are various factors, which come into play – which you need to watch out for when you are buying the domain.

Few Things to Watch
Basically you are buying old domain to create authority – isn’t and a brand that you are so old and still in business – good for a business tricks – but you know very well – Google don’t like these kind of tricks.

First of all things you need to watch

  1. Try to grab the old domain related to your niche – or if you are not getting get a neutral domain which can be applied to any domain.
  2. Find out that previously this domain was working for how long.
  3. Is still there some content lying with search engines or not.
  4. Go for the domain that is not working for more than 2years.

Domains that are inactive for less than 2year are usually hard to get crawled by search engines – and you have to put a lot of efforts to do that. So, two years is perfect gap between

If you are continuing with the same niche that the domain was doing previous – I count that it’s a big plus for your marketing and search engines will easily crawl you.

On the other side, if you go for neutral domain – then it would be all new exploration once again.

Submit Your Blog Feed

Whenever you think about doing SEO for your blog – you do think of various sources – but I don’t think the thing I am going to write about has been widely discussed yet.

For blogging success what do you actually need a lot of subscribers – so before going for any kind of optimization method – think about raising traffic and subscribers to your blog.

Feed Submission
This is the form of SEO that mainly suit your blog and blogging career – it not only enhances the blog traffic but it also raises the trust level of your blog.

Now what is feed submission: there are sites similar to social bookmarking which takes on feeds from sites for submission – It does have a submit button where you can submit your blog feed – just as you do directory submission or social bookmarking.

Why it has sense
This is the easiest way for you to keep people updated with your blog feed – its like submitting sitemap or XML map to google and it comes crawling – as feed gets automatic updated – whenever there is a new submission – so your submitted sites on the feed submission sites also gets updated.

Till you have finished some writing on your blog – and before going for SEO submission try this form of SEO with your feed – you will definitely see a boost in your traffic and subscribers.