Working SEO Tricks After Google Panda

After the Google panda update there are many sites, which had been badly affected, and people are still trying recovering from this. But the most buzzing topic at the moment is what is remained in the search engine optimization that can still help you in gaining ranking for your website.

Still Working SEO Methods
Some of the old methods, which are still working after the Google panda update, are the following:

  1. You can still place comments on blogs and it will be counted as backlink.
  2. You can submit to social bookmarking sites.
  3. You can still ask for reviews.
  4. Forum Submission.
  5. Feed submission.
  6. Video submission of your product on YouTube or other video sites.

With these methods you can still achieve SEO. Directory submission is still counted as means of generating some instant traffic, as they are not of much importance in gaining backlinks. But there are few authority link directories – whose links are still counted as backlinks.

Do keep an important check in submitting to link directories – that you submit a revised description in every directory – kind of unique submission in each directory, this is just to make sure that Google does not count it as a duplicate content and don’t de-list them.

Article directories are best to be avoided at the moment. As it will take some time to flush their duplicated content and flourish with new one.

Article Marketing The Way to Achieve

Article marketing is just another way to promote your product or services; article marketing makes sense and will be making sense in the search engine optimization for a long term.

The reason that article marketing is so popular is because of the wide perspective it covers. This is the obvious reason that search engines like it.

As, you cannot spam the article marketing method, it uses content which you can’t duplicate – and if you do duplicate article marketing – it simply gets ignored by the search engines and all of your efforts wasted.

Article marketing uses content and keywords to get raise in the search engine ranking. Also, article marketing helps raising your Page rank. Though page rank is not necessary these days as google has itself erased the importance of PR.

With article marketing, you can very easily do the affiliate marketing. Even if you don’t have a website.

If you want to raise your backlink keyword count article marketing is the most effective method to be done in terms of search engine optimization. Not only article marketing is done on the article directories but also you can submit your articles to the blog sites and other revenue sharing sites.

The only thing you need to take care in article marketing is that the directory or site you are submitting your article is enabled for RSS.

Easy to Get in Google Search Update

In accordance with my previous post about, easy to get your blog post in search result – this post is an update to that method. As I mentioned earlier that not only feedburner and twitter stats plays the trick.

Get To the Search Result
People try to get followers through feedburner and many other ways and also optimize the content and website in various ways – but as Google implemented social circle to its search result – now feedburner is not the only way.

I will explain it – as you might have read my previous post about social circle in search results – it means the user who added you in Gmail or Gtalk will see your blog post in the search query if there is any matching keyword.

It’s Easy Now
I think its easy now to get your content optimized – or you can say that there is another hand in SEO which can be effective to get precise search result entry to the end user.

Now, for this you need to have tons of Gmail or Gtalk users, which can be quite tough. But if you can manage this – then you will directly penetrate in to the search result of the user.

I will search some other ways that how to get tons of Gtalk or Gmail genuine friends, who directly or indirectly might be interested in your niche.

Determine Good Article Directories

Every now and then people talk about article directories and submission to it – makes your content optimize or people do submit articles to directories in order to get a raise in search engine listing.

But have you thought why article directories are used for this purpose, and what are the things that make them count for search engine ranking, and what actually works behind the scene in order to get your website up in the search engine results.

What Works
If you have submitted any of your articles in to article directories you must have watched the following and if you have not yet submitted then going through the points below will allow you to understand things:

  1. 1. You have to submit unique contents to article directory; in other words complete copyscape passed content. If there are some directories that accept duplicate content then they are not worthy.
  2. You can submit your links pertaining to your website.
  3. Also, you can have your keywords highlighted in article directories.
  4. These are easily and quickly crawled by search engines – and search engine likes them because of the reason they are having unique content.
  5. They don’t have any hyperlink tagging system as follow or nofollow.
  6. Article directories always have feed/RSS enabled.

These are the core reasons that make an article directory attractive enough and you can easily submit to directories, which follow these guidelines – as you will have your keywords optimized.

I will try to summarize in the coming up blog posts – implications involved with article directories to raise your search engine ranking.

PPC over SEO in Some cases

It is not always that SEO is great – there are situations, which can make SEO better – but there are other situations, which can make SEO worse. I have had written previously about choosing SEO over PPC – but as with the changing scenario and increasing competition – I have considered to give that topic an addon.

I am still in favor of SEO – but there are few situations that can really turn your SEO efforts worse.

SEO Situation
Lets now talk about the serious situations where you want to reap up a quick profit but depending on SEO would delay that profit.

For example: If you are trying to optimize “work at home” keyword – it would take ages to optimize and for your work at home site you want instant profit – this is when PPC comes in to play.

As with PPC you can easily draw traffic to your site and make profit – on the other hand if you depend on SEO for this – then it will be of no-result. Since, it is highly competitive keyword and if you compare the expense – I think PPC would take over in that also.

This was just the general example – and there might be many other keywords, which might take ages to optimize, and basically your profit would be delayed.

Therefore, you select the need first and then opt for SEO or PPC.