Is SEO Just About Backlinks

People who think SEO is just about backlinks are absolutely wrong – SEO is not just about backlinks and SEO is not a particular method or application that you could apply and gain your search engine ranking.

SEO is a practice – a series of methods that needs to be applied for any website before it rises in the search engine ranking.

Logic to Understand
The beginners – who jump in to the Webmaster field by reading a few texts on Internet about SEO, normally do the mistakes. See; if you can build 1000-backlinks then just think about a company who has around 20-staff members in their team and money to spend – they could build at least 10x more backlinks then you.

So, search engine should raise their ranking as they have better backlinks than you. But seriously this is not the case. Backlinks are just a part of the series of methods that you need to apply in SEO.

Therefore, building backlinks for SEO is history now. Google has evolved much.

What is Needed Foremost
Like always; you need to have some unique content and meaningful content present on your website – then let Google crawl that content and the content should be so meaningful that people cant ignore it.

Since, it is always said that work for humans and not search engines. Search engines will list those contents only which are liked by humans and is of good knowledge.

Stop building backlinks – it might degrade your search engine listing – work on your content first – your website and then build the backlinks.

Future of Blog Commenting

You have seen every kind of seo trick, which has been trashed by the search engines. Though all the measures were taken to keep search engine results healthy and less manipulative.

Now, the question comes about the blog commenting future – as this is the only easy way to gain backlinks – will search engines trash it sooner or later.

My idea is they will never ever do that. But don’t think that commenting on the link-farms blogs or no-value blog will bring you value. It will not land you anywhere. You need to search for the quality blogs – which accommodates only ethical comments – not spam.

Why Search Engines Will Not Trash Blog Commenting
Reason is simple – search engines don’t want to risk their own business. Look this way – search engines rely on content and if they pose some very rigid restrictions on blog commenting – it might damage the growth of blogs – which are largely due to comments.

Therefore, if the blogs will be less – there will be less content and less content means damage to search engines, so they will never ever pose any rigid restriction to blog commenting.

Future of Blog Commenting

Till you are posting the ethical comments, which can be crawled by search engines – you are on the safer territory with blog commenting. The moment you post the spam – your website/blog will be degraded in search listing and the worst part – it could even get de-listed.

Bulk Search Engine Submission and SEO

You must have seen many offers of bulk search engine submissions on various forums and classifieds. There are some scripts, which does the submissions for you with just one click. You can submit to 100’s of available search engines with it.

But do you think this is really helpful when it comes to listing your site on search engines. I don’t think so.

Search Engine Submission Script
These scripts are good – nothing bad in it and it is not something related to spam when it comes to SEO. Doing bulk submissions to search engines in one click does save time and effort.

But you should keep a check before submitting your site to all these search engines, something that will really matter.

  1. You need to have correct URL structure (though this is not much important).
  2. You need to have Meta-tags such as Meta names and keywords.
  3. You need to have sitemap installed on your site. Just don’t have only XML maps – include all types of sitemaps – when trying for bulk submission to search engines.
  4. The pages of your website should be interlinked.

Correcting all the four above-mentioned points will help your website rank better and much needed for search engine crawl. By doing this you achieve the first step in search engine optimization.

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Link Google Webmaster and Analytics Together

For getting the accurate Webmaster data and analytics data – we all have been digging the Google accounts.

I don’t think any Webmaster – who is serious about their website statistics – had not implemented Google tools – we all have.

Google Update
A recent Webmaster update from Google is – Now you can link your Google Webmaster Account and Analytics account together.

If your Google Webmaster and Google Analytics account are assigned to same email id – so now you can link both accounts.

This will make life easy and you don’t have to open another account to find the analytics data while viewing the Google Webmaster.

How to Link
Just go to your Google Webmaster account and in the dashboard on the site list – look at the right you will find a drop-down menu click it and link your Google Analytics for the site.

This change has been implemented just for the sake of easy navigation.