Just About Backlinks

Whenever I stuck with someone on SEO topic – the first question I am asked is getting a backlink. Backlinks! Biggest ask of time – and good reaping amounts for SEO service providers.

Firstly people are really confused that what are they making backlinks for – are they interested in getting the Google Page Rank increased – which is anyways of no use – as Google itself has disabled the use of it.

Or, are they are looking for traffic – because backlinks placed in the right locations could give you traffic – tons of traffic and basically acts like your placed or purchased advertisement.

Or, are they looking for a searchengine-listing raise – in terms of backlinks? Too confusing. People interested in backlinks often do no tend to calculate all these things – they are only interested in counting the backlinks for their sites – with the various tools available in the market and then after getting pounds of backlinks to their site – still no result – then the next work they got is to criticize the search engine people and various search engines.

Opt the Simple Way
If you are really desperate about getting backlinks – then this could be easily achieved by placing legal blog comments on various sites.

Also, for the keen people to get their PR raise – they can easily place comments on the high PR rated blog posts.

Getting Blogs
Very easy to sort the blogs – write the niche name and blog – put this keyword in search engine and you will get tons of results. Either you can opt for blog search.

Opt for this if you are just desperate about getting backlinks – and paying the SEO companies in helping you out on this. For other not so desperate people – who really want to serve their purpose with backlinks – stay tuned more knowledge will be shared soon.