Web Hosting Prices Slashed

It’s raining offers from Infogle this time – Previously we declared how you can get free web hosting from us and this time we have reduced prices below the competition level.

Web Hosting Prices
We are already in to our 7th year of operation and always wanted to give something to our loyal users. This is the reason for the web hosting price slash.

Multi-Website Hosting
Our new plan for multi-website hosting – where you can host unlimited website with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.

Yes you get every thing unlimited and you don’t need to purchase any other account for hosting your websites – you can host all your websites in this.

We have the latest cPanel and with it the Softaculous – latest auto-script installer.

Price: $1.25/month ($15 per year)

To make it even more user friendly – we have now added two payment processors for payment – Now you can pay either by PayPal or Moneybookers.

web hosting

We have a dedicated support team to help you whenever you need. Since 2005 we are in to hosting business and have provided a consistent up time of 99.9%.

If you have any questions you can contact our web hosting support team and they will help you or contact our live support.

Moneybookers as Payment Processor for Hosting

We have been receiving requests from long time. Since, everyone was not happy with one payment processor – sometime due to lack of funds etc.

Therefore, for all those people – here is an update from Infogle.com hosting.

Payment Processor Update
We have now added Moneybookers as the payment processor with Paypal. So, now you can pay with anyone.

We have no restriction on anything. You can choose anyone at anytime. This means, even if you have started your hosting plan with PayPal payment you can pay via Moneybookers in any month and then again pay with PayPal.

Solely depends on you and your needs.

New Discount Coupon
We have recently added a new discount coupon. This discount coupon is strictly valid for only first few customers.

You can get 50% discount on all of our yearly Linux Hosting Plans (i.e., Multi-Website and Reseller Hosting).

Discount Code: GET50

This was thus required because we understand the needs of our customers and want to help them in any way possible. Affiliate Program remain as it is. There is no change in it.

Whopping Discount on Infogle Web Hosting

We are back with discounts and this time its insane discount on our hosting package. You can take our hosting and host your world with us.

Web Hosting
This time it’s not about percentage discount but it’s a flat discount. The Multi-Website Hosting Plan of Infogle Hosting – Where you can host anything because of the specification we have for it.

Disk space:  Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Domains:     Unlimited
Database:    Unlimited.

The one word that describes this Hosting plan is UNLIMITED Hosting.

You can get this Multi-Website Hosting Plan for Just $9.99 per year (compare to normal of $17.88 per year) i.e. nearly 50% less.

Use Coupon Code: Unlimited

More Goodies
With a Whopping Discount on Unlimited Hosting Package – You also get the pre-defined goodies in your hosting panel:
1. Yahoo Search Credit.
2. Bidvertiser $20 Credit.
3. Infogle SEO Directory Submissions (1000 submissions).
4. Featured Listing on Infogle Link Directory (one of the biggest link directories)
5. A Free Product of your choice from Infogle Shop on the Home Page.

This is our way to make you feel special.

One Word
With this Hosting Package You can only Gain!

Criticize is the First Step to Success

People are here for criticize and they will do this for your every act and you need to be prepared for it whenever you work something new or different.

When we started unlimited hosting on Infogle.com Hosting – where you can get unlimited disk space and bandwidth and rest all is also unlimited. It was way back in 2006 when we started unlimited hosting.

People criticized so much – about this and whenever someone chat about this offer and need some more information – they criticized so much about the offer. Even when I posted the WTS threads on Webmaster forum – people made fun of me.

What They Said
How can you give unlimited disk space – when the disk has limited space – because every disk has the defined capacity? It was very hard to convenience them and sale the hosting.

But the Scene has Changed
Really now every other hosting has started giving the same kind of offer – and I don’t find those people – who criticized me at that time.

So, the moral of the story is stick with the plan if you are going right and not doing anything wrong – term it as if you are fair enough with your plan.