WordPress 3.2 Error and Solution

If you are thinking of updating to wordpress version 3.2 or if you have updated – just keep a check on the following if you are witnessing something like.

WordPress 3.2 Error
This is common error and pretty much all are getting this – as you update your wordpress to version 3.2 – Admin sidebar goes missing. This is quite frustrating.

Easy Solution
This is the error because of “WP Insert” plugin – as your sidebar is missing you cant navigate to the plugins page – just following the following:

Navigation to the Plugins Page URL: yourblog.com/wp-admin/plugins.php

Just deactivate the “WP Insert” plugin and your admin sidebar will be live again.

Permanent Solution
Since the above is temporary. If you really want to have this plugin then you should update it to version 1.7.4

As, you update “WP Insert” plugin your admin sidebar will be visible again.

After your update also, if you witness this error – then just clear your browser cookies – and wordpress error will be instantly solved.

wordpress error

This is a good example that you should always update your wordpress and wordpress plugins as the updates available.