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Technology Change – No to eBook Reader

If you are really impressed with the ebook readers and feel like you should have one for reading the ebooks – as it is the fun way to read and you could also carry tons of ebooks in just a slate type structure.
Wait and think Twice
We are in the technology world – having some of the impressive gadgets around us – if you count this few months down the line – I would have also wanted the ebook reader for my ebooks reading collection.
But with the time changed and the introduction of aPad (it is similar to iPad) – I have switched my mind to buy an ebook reader as with aPad I could do a multiple things that is not at all possible with ebook reader.
Cost and Working
If I compare the cost of aPad it is much much cheaper than an ebook reader and it serves like an iPad. Nicest of things is that it does posses a PDF reader – which gives me freedom to read.
For curious users – it does have WiFi – memory and other basic things to make it a friendly Tablet PC and works on Android OS.
Try it

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