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Return on Investment (ROI) is the final word on the success of many PPC campaigns. However, sometimes organizations look at ROI differently than they should. Most people associate ROI with strictly a monetary value. In truth, however, there’s much more to it than just money.
If you’re interested in learning just the monetary value of your PPC ROI, it’s easy enough to figure. Some PPC companies or the tracking companies that you use will provide the metrics for you. However, if you need to figure it yourself, the equation is simple:

Profit = Sales – Ad Spend – Expenses
ROI = Profit/Ad Spend

That’s all there is to figuring what your monetary ROI is. And with PPC campaigns that are properly managed, the ROI on your PPC campaigns should be impressive. But there is much more to PPC ROI than this.
Other aspects of ROI that should be considered are not money-oriented, though they should always be coupled with monetary valuations. For example, if the goal of your PPC campaign is to gather information about your customers, then one of your ROI measurements should be how successful your PPC campaign is at gathering that information.


Another ROI measurement could be brand loyalty or even satisfaction. What your additional ROI measurements will be should be based on your PPC campaign and the goals of that campaign. But don’t weigh your whole campaign only on the monetary ROI, even if it turns out that monetarily your PPC campaign is very successful. Monitoring all your ROI measurements will help you keep your PPC campaign on track.

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