What to Do When WordPress Plugin Crashes

If you are a blogger or hosting any wordpress site – then you must have witnessed the plugin crash. Believe me this is the worst experience for anybody when you open your website or blog and see the error. A long confused PHP string – very annoying isn’t it.

But for every difficult and ugly situation there are simple solutions – which you can do to overcome this.

Solution for WordPress Plugin Crash
When you see the PHP error on your wordpress hosted site – so just watch in the string you will find some thing like: “…/plugins/…”

This means the error is pointing to the wordpress plugin crash – don’t panic and just login to your FTP.

  • Open the folder name: ‘wp-content’
  • In this folder you will find a folder named: ‘plugins’

Just open this and you will find a list plugin-folders, which you have on your wordpress – just check with the error and see which plugin is having error.

Rename that folder to something else or just a ‘0’ in the folder name. This will erase the error on your wordpress website and you can access the admin panel and website as previously.

Just don’t forget to note the error string, line number and file name. So, you can check the file from the ftp for the error correction. Most of these errors are caused due to version conflicts and could be easily solved with just normal upgrade process.

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