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Any of the SEO techniques that are considered spam can get your site penalized at the very least or even completely banned. But there are other reasons to avoid SEO spam.
People — site visitors, your customers — don’t like spam. They don’t like spam in their e-mail boxes, and they don’t want to be directed to web pages that are spam. So, though there is one benefit to spam — that your site will, at least, temporarily rank high in search engine results — the pitfall to that is that customers will click on to your site, but they’ll leave almost immediately.
Spam on the Internet just doesn’t make sense. When it’s so easy for a person to move from one web site to another; one company to another, why would you want to run them off as fast as they land on your site? A much more logical approach is to build your web site with the intent of drawing, and keeping, the user on your site. That means providing useful information in a user-friendly format.


If visitors come to your site and see that you’ve tricked them to get them on your site, they’re going to be annoyed. They’ll click right back off your page, and they’re more likely to remember your web site negatively. If you’re trying to build a business, showing your potential customers your dark side isn’t the way to do it.
Another reason for avoiding SEO spam is that it can give you a black eye professionally. Again, SEO spam can temporarily get your site listed well in search results, but just as site visitors will see what you’ve done, so will your competition. And they’ll be secure in the knowledge that your rise to the top will be short-lived. Then your site will be delisted from the search results, and your competitors will be back in the positions from which you bumped them. What’s the point? The only company that suffers is your own.
So if you’ve considered SEO spam techniques, maybe you should think again. If you’ve talked to SEO consultants who tell you SEO spam techniques are okay, or that you won’t get caught because search engines don’t pay attention to this or that detail, ignore them. SEO spam can be costly both in terms of the money that you lose implementing SEO only to be delisted from the search results, and also in terms of the sales and loyalty that you’ll lose from your customers.

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  1. Mayank Rocks
    April 7, 2008 Reply

    haha. To avoid a ban 😛

  2. Imran
    April 8, 2008 Reply

    i would say one thing about this…… Make your site for the real human visitors not for the Search engine bots!
    Thats all!

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